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What can you do with a Spanish degree?

Thursday, June 13, 2024

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The following are questions to consider when deciding upon this discipline:

1. Why Spanish?

From the student’s perspectives, our classes are small, the faculty are dedicated, and students acquired valuable linguistics and work related-skills.

Knowing Spanish increases our economic benefits in terms of salary negotiations, we meet the current demand of bilingual employees, and we broaden our cultural knowledge of the Hispanic culture and traditions. Lastly, study abroad is an excellent opportunity to deepen the skills and experience what you learned in the classroom at first hand. Travel the world and communicate with its people to truly experience culture.

2. What type of professions are available?

Employment opportunities are but not limited to: advertiser, airline attendant, banker, broadcaster, buyer, civil service employee, consultant medical professional, personnel officer, planning/policy developer, publisher, radio announcer, researcher, salesperson engine, exporter / importer, foreign service officer, health care providers, hotel management, intelligence officer, journalist, lawyer, librarian, linguist, manufacturer, market researcher, customer service representative, customs inspector, diplomat, educator, interpreter, editor, social worker, translator, travel agent, United Nations staff, immigration/naturalization office, educational administrator.

Companies are but not limited to: Amazon, Conagra Foods, Coca-Cola, Children Hospital in Little Rock, Pepsi, American, Delta, Southwest, and United airlines. Law Firms, insurance companies (Allstate, Farmers Insurance, State Farms, Progressive Insurance). Target, Tyson Foods, Walgreens, Walmart, etc.