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Language and Communication

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

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UA-PTC students with their instructor.

The Language and Communication department at UA-PTC mission is to develop communication skills by providing quality, theory-based, workplace readiness skills specific to students taking Speech Communication, Technical Communication, and the school of Language and Communication elective courses.

The Language and Communication department, consistent with the College’s mission, encourages the success of its students in all technical fields and academic disciplines by promoting, critical and creative thought, effective argumentation with a focus on tone, purpose and audience, academic integrity, independent thinking and learning, written communication on a collegiate level, exposure to various cultures and subcultures, the influence of culture on individuals and their work and collaborative study and writing.

As a result of our commitment to these objectives, the department offers a number of courses which include Speech 1300, as well as a variety of other speech classes to choose from. All courses may be applied to the degree plans for AA (Associate of Arts), ASLAS (Associate of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences), AGS (Associate of General Studies) as well as other degrees.