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Student Art Gallery

Friday, July 19, 2024

About 2D Design:

In 2D Design (ARTS 2310), students will learn the concepts, elements of art, and principles of design to create dynamic, two-dimensional designs. Students will also learn color theory, painting, collage, and illustration techniques. This course is an excellent continuation of Introduction to Visual Art for non-majors as well as though who want to get a good foundation in studio courses for a variety of art degrees. No pre-requisite to enroll.

In order of gallery appearance, below are the featured students, name of their art and a description.

1. Ink on Bristol by Brianna Anderson

Crystallographic Chaos

"Crystallographic" refers to allover patterns that fill the entire composition. This project utilizes crystallographic balance rather than a single focal point and repeating patterns and shapes to create a sense of unity and visual movement.

2. Color Studies by Haven Kays

Haven created three distinct color studies using the same image. The project asks students to explore how different color schemes, from those that create contrast and those that create harmony, change the mood of a design.

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