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Student Highlights

Thursday, July 18, 2024

Maloney Harris, UA-PTC Student

Maloney HarrisMy name is Maloney Harris and I am a student at UA - Pulaski Technical College pursuing an Associate of Science degree. After graduating from UA-PTC, I wish to pursue a career in healthcare.

Recently, I attended a health fair with my husband who works with ARcare, the company that provides HIV care and prevention services in Arkansas. The event was held for Hispanic persons in and around the area. Many of them speak no English and need assistance communicating with the various health service providers. Many of the providers had bilingual attendants serving the participants. I was able to greet people and use simple Spanish phrases to assist them. This event increased my interest in learning Spanish and showed me the importance of being able to communicate with persons in the language they speak.

Maddie Harrington, UA-PTC Graduate 2018

Why did I choose to study Spanish?

Choosing to study Spanish, particularly at UA-PTC, was one of the best academic decisions I have made in college. Now I am at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville minoring in Spanish and majoring in Speech Pathology.  Learning a new language is a lifelong commitment. It’s challenging and can be overwhelming at times, but I cannot stress this enough – the benefits of knowing more than one language are priceless. It means having an incomparably greater understanding of other cultures and other people. Particularly in my field, there is a huge need for Spanish-speaking speech pathologists in Arkansas and all over the U.S. And let’s be honest, you make more money if you’re bilingual!

My experience learning Spanish at UA-PTC was extraordinary. I had amazing teachers that have the quality of the education of the Spanish language as their top priority. Everyone should work towards learning a second language, and I would highly recommend taking Spanish classes at UA-PTC!

UA-PTC Student

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