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Student Highlights

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Winning Student Speeches

Click here to watch winning speeches from previous speech contests held at UA-PTC.

Ingrid Martinez

Ingrid MartinezUA-PTC student Ingrid Martinez won first place in UA - Pulaski Tech’s speech contest during the college’s annual Celebrating Student Milestones event on April 27, 2017. Her speech was well-written, informative, and professionally presented. What made her win extra special is that for Ingrid, English is not her native language.

A native of El Salvador, Ingrid, 29, has lived in the United States since she was a teenager. After high school, she started saving money to attend college and finally enrolled at UA-PTC in Spring 2016. She is pursuing an Associate of Science degree in Liberal Arts and Science and plans to graduate in December 2018. Her goal is to eventually be a computer engineer.

She took Speech Communication and after completing her speech requirement, decided to enter the college’s speech competition. She chose the topic of “Heart Attacks in Women,” and she discussed the risk factors and symptoms.

“It’s important to learn to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack,” she says. “By learning about it, we can lower the number of women suffering heart attacks or heart disease.”

Martinez found inspiration from the American Heart Association educational conferences that she has attended.

“It’s easy to take care of everyone in our family and our surroundings, but we forget about us and how to take care of our health and our heart. “If we don’t take care of our heart health, how can we take care of others?”