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Frequently Asked Questions

Sunday, October 25, 2020

UA-PTC Student

1. How long is the program?

Approximately two years; exactly eight semesters and this is year round (includes going in the summers)

2. How many students are in each class?

We accept 25 students per semester, so each class year has about 75 students.

3. Can out of state students apply and be accepted?

Yes, as long as their state is a member of the SARA agreement and there is a proctor agreeable for this student in a neutral environment, such as a hospital or community library, etc.

4. Can I work while going through the HIT Program?

Our program is on a full-time and part-time basis.

5. What hours will be in attendance at school while enrolled in the HIT Program?

All classes are online and the last clinical is where students go to clinical sites (in their hometowns) for internships.

6. What is the deadline for admission applications?

July 1 for fall admission, April 15 for summer and December 1 for spring.

7. When do classes begin?

Students are admitted three times a year, in the spring, summer extended and fall. The first day of class is the same first day for the academic term.

8. Is it "hard" to get accepted into the program?

Admission to the program is competitive with the advantage going to those students with higher cumulative and prerequisite GPAs (the actual number of students accepted each semester and year vary due to other factors, such as a new class, attrition, etc).

9. Should I send a college transcript for all college coursework?

Yes, it is a requirement for admission.

10. ls financial aid available?

Yes. Interested individuals may contact the Office of Student Financial Aid or call (501) 812-2289 for information concerning available grants, loans and scholarships.

11. Is experience as a Medical Coder helpful?

Yes. Familiarity with the hospital/clinical setting and terminology is helpful, but not required.

12. Do I have to have every prerequisite course completed before I can apply for admission?

No, you need 9 semester credit hours of general education hours completed successfully before applying. We prefer the student take Computer course, English 1, and College Algebra. Developmental courses do not count toward the total 9 semester credit hours of general education courses. If your going full-time, don't take all your general education hours before coming into the program. It is recommended, if you work full-time, go through our program part-time.

13. If I'm past the traditional college age, am I too old to enter into the HIT Program?

Certainly not. Student ages in the program range from 19-65. Most of our students are considered "non-traditional."

14. Are Health Information Technologists at risk for infectious diseases?

HIT's are at no greater risk than anybody else that ever walked into a hospital. There is no direct patient contact.