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Virtual Speech Classroom

Monday, June 05, 2023


The 360-degree virtual speech classroom was developed as a tool to help students overcome the fear of speaking in-front of a live class setting. When students use this tool to practice, they will hear regular classroom sounds and frequent movement by students sitting down as if they were in a live class setting giving a speech. After practicing in a virtual classroom, the goal is that students will overcome their fears and feel more comfortable giving speeches in a live classroom setting.

Are you using a VR 360 headset?

To practice your speech using a VR 360 headset, follow these steps:

  1. Click the mobile version.
  2. A headset icon will appear on the corner of the 360 view. Click this icon to switch to headset mode.
  3. Place your mobile device into the headset and start practicing.

If you don't own a headset, the UA-PTC Ottenheimer Libraries has headsets available on a reserve basis only for use in the library study room.

UA - Pulaski Tech's VR tour was developed using InstaVR technology.