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Student Competitive 2020

Monday, June 24, 2024

About the Art

This year we are presenting the Annual Student Competitive, which is organized in recognition of “Celebrating Student Milestones,” as a virtual gallery. This is an unprecedented and challenging time; however, our student's achievement in visual art is no less deserving of celebration and respect. Student competitive exhibitions are part of most visual art programs around the country to give students the experience of entering a juried exhibition and having work displayed to a wider audience.

Student works were chosen from Basic Drawing, Figure Drawing, 2D Design, 3D Design, and Introduction to Digital Photography classes. Many of the works are studies and sketches, meaning that they are stepping stones to larger, more fully realized pieces. All of the works featured are exemplary of the core techniques needed by all visual communicators. The Visual Art faculty; Justin Bryant, David Carpenter, and Kim Kwee, are very proud to present his body of student achievement.

About the Jurors

Hannah May is an artist living in Little Rock, Arkansas. Her work is primarily in functional and sculptural ceramics that emphasizes the significance of objects as reminders of identity and security. She is the Lead Art Educator, since 2016, and manages education at Arkansas' first makerspace--the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub. She studied Studio Art at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and has facilitated arts programming and taught ceramics since 2009. Hannah received an Arkansas Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship Award in 2017 for her ceramic work in the visual arts call for contemporary craft.

Logan Hunter, originally from Nebraska, is an artist based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Logan has taught art since 2012 as a drawing instructor at the Arkansas Arts Center and as a ceramics and art instructor at the Art Center of the Grand Prairie. His work in drawing and ceramics uses figures, animals, and patterns to depict scenes of migration and settlements, inspired loosely by his own connection with agriculture, life in the midwest, and a childhood moving from place to place with his mom and brother. Logan studied Studio Art at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Featured UA-PTC Student Art

In order of gallery appearance, below are the featured students and the name of their art.

  1. Abby Benham - Light on Dark
  2. Adriel Hernandez - Lotus Flower
  3. Adriel Hernandez - Sunglasses
  4. Andrei Bryant - Blue Ribbon
  5. Brent Stone - Video Games
  6. Chloe Doyle - Spilt Bottle
  7. Chris Bailey - Tension
  8. Cynthia Patron - Camera Motif
  9. Cynthia Patron - Dots
  10. Emma Wittenberg - Emotional
  11. Jaylon Collins - Darkon Light
  12. Kacy Ashley - Dandelion Deconstruct
  13. Kacy Ashley - No Confidence
  14. Karissa Scott - Journey Through Ink
  15. Karla Hernandez - Light on Dark
  16. Morgan Ross - Sequential
  17. Olivia Thomas - Figure Study
  18. Olivia Thomas - Portrait Study
  19. Patrick Jacobs - Charcoal Glass
  20. Patrick Jacobs - Line Values
  21. Patrick Jacobs - Shoe in a Box
  22. Sarah Toland - Blind Contour
  23. Sarah Toland - Figure Study
  24. Simmie Davis - Emotional
  25. Stormie Bandy - Loop of Love
  26. Stormie Bandy - Trapped
  27. Thomas Hopkins - Hammer, Cup, Brass
  28. Toney Reed - Light Assignment

Student Competitive Winners

First place: 15 - Karla Hernandez, Light on Dark

Second place: 21 - Patrick Jacob, Shoe in a Box

Third Place: 9 - Cynthia Patron, Dots

Others that stood out were 11, 18, and 22

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