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Marketing Content Strategy and Branding

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Marketing Content Strategy and Branding

In this course you will dive deeper into branding and discover content marketing. You will learn why branding is crucial at every step of the customer journey and how to use content marketing to attract a defined audience through creating and distributing exciting content. The course gives you the opportunity to learn about best practices for creating effective content across various digital marketing channels. Students will also have the opportunity to create their own marketing content for various platforms.

This course is a prerequisite to all other courses in the certificate program and required to acquire the Facebook Digital Marketing Certificate.

Course-Level Student Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this course:

  • Understand the fundamentals of consumer psychology and buying motivations.
  • Understand the process of creating an effective content strategy and communicating it.
  • Demonstrate the ability to create written copy for marketing content that aligns with a brand and target audience for primary marketing channels.
  • Understand the principles and best practices of visual design when creating marketing collateral.
  • Understand introductory concepts of search engine optimization.

For questions, please contact Molly Mitchell at (501) 907-6670 or e-mail [email protected].