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Baking and Pastry

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Baking and Pastry Student

CAHMI Mission

The mission of the Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Institute (CAHMI) is to deliver education, experience, and excellence through high- quality academic programs that meet stakeholder needs in a global market.

CAHMI Vision

Cultivate lifelong careers and future industry leaders with accessible and affordable training.

The University of Arkansas – Pulaski Technical College Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Institute Baking and Pastry Program is the only one of its kind in Arkansas. Our experienced faculty and staff oversee a degree program that covers all aspects of pastry including plated desserts, candies, chocolates, cake decorating, artisan breads, and much more.

In this program, students will learn the foundation of classical pastry as well as modern techniques used in professional kitchens today. Whether you want to become an executive pastry chef for a restaurant or hotel, design wedding cakes, or open your own bakery, our program will provide you with the comprehensive and challenging hands-on experience that you need. The University of Arkansas - Pulaski Technical College Baking and Pastry program will not only help guide you on your career path but introduce you to the different opportunities available in the pastry field.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate professionalism and sanitation practices as well as mise en place, organization, sense of urgency and timing in a professional kitchen.
  • Demonstrate knife skills, hand tool and equipment operation, emphasizing proper safety techniques. Identify and demonstrate knowledge and proper selection of equipment and utensils for specific baking applications.
  • Utilize standard weights and measures to demonstrate proper scaling and measurement techniques.
  • Define baking terms; identify and describe properties of ingredients and products and demonstrate utilization of these products.
  • Calculate a recipe conversion factor to make a desired quantity of a given recipe and compute the new ingredient quantities using the recipe conversion factor.
  • Discuss recipe modification to create more nutritionally beneficial baked goods and desserts.

Curriculum Requirements for Programs of Study

Program Costs

Program Assessment: Plans and Results


Chocla Lea
Lead Baking Instructor

Cathy Kincaid
Instructor of Baking

Donna Mallett
Baking Instructor Jacksonville Early College Program


American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accredited Program - Baking Pastry

The UA-PTC Baking and Pastry program is accredited by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation (ACFEF) Accrediting Commission.