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Accessing Student E-mail

Thursday, October 29, 2020

UA-PTC Student

All UA-PTC students receive an official UA - Pulaski Tech e-mail address. You are required to use your UA-PTC e-mail address for all communications with the college and your instructors. It's important to check your UA-PTC e-mail to stay informed about your classes, registration, financial aid, campus events, and much more.

Student E-mail Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I create a new account or reset my password?

Visit our Campus Portal New User/Reset page to set up your Campus Portal account and to reset your password. If you're a new user, please allow 24 hours before accessing your student e-mail.

2. What is my UA-PTC student e-mail address?

Your Campus Portal username followed by “”
Example: [email protected]

3. Can I check my e-mail outside the Campus Portal?

Yes! Log in at

  • Enter your full e-mail, example: [email protected]
  • Enter your password (same password used for the Campus Portal) 

4. I finished resetting my password and I'm still unable to get into the Campus Portal.

After resetting your password, your UA-PTC username, student ID and e-mail address will be provided to you. If this option doesn't work, contact Administrative Computing at [email protected].

5. I'm unable to reset my password and I provided correct information.

If you moved since applying to UA-PTC and haven't updated your address with the Office of Records, it's likely the zip code you were entering when resetting your password wasn't matching what is in your official record at UA-PTC. To update your information, visit our Change of Student Information page. If you haven't moved and provided correct information, please contact the Office of Records at [email protected] or call (501) 812-2759 to verify your information.

6. How do I add my e-mail account to my mobile device?

Visit our Mobile Device page for instructions.