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Handicap Spaces

Friday, October 18, 2019

Handicap spaces on all campus locations will be enforced specific to applicable state and campus vehicle regulations:

  • Effective July 16, 2003 by Act 1353 of 2003, only those Individuals that are loading/unloading a wheelchair or other related Mobility device will be authorized to park in spaces designated as "Van Accessible." This may include cars, vans or pick-up trucks as long as there is a wheelchair or related device getting in or out. Violators will be subjected to a fine of at least $100 to $500 and the vehicle may be towed.
  • Handicap vehicle place cards are to face with the number display forward and the college campus hangtag with the number facing into the vehicle.
  • All permits must be displayed with no obstruction to permit numbers, bar code or expiration date.
  • Vehicles using handicap spaces must display a vehicle license plate or placard.
  • Vehicles using handicap spaces must be transporting the party to whom the placard or vehicle license is registered to. There will be no exception to this policy or statutory requirement.
  • Vehicle operators must possess documentation pertaining to vehicle use of handicap spaces.

Fines for violations of handicap space usage begin at $50 and municipal citations start at $100. All Faculty, Staff, Students and Visitors will be subject to citations for violations of handicap usage without exception.

Police and Public Safety Resources

RAVE Emergency Notification System - All students, faculty, and staff who provide a cell phone number during registration or to HR will automatically be entered into the RAVE (Emergency Alerts) system. You can opt out of getting emergency notifications by visiting the website.

Clery Act Report - This annual campus safety report is required by federal law and contains policy statements and crime statistics for the campus

Emergency Procedures Handbook

Disability Evacuation Procedures

Title IX/Sexual Harassment & Discrimination

Laura's Card

Rave Guardian

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