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Frequently Asked Questions

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

1. Does University of Arkansas - Pulaski Technical College accept credit cards?

University of Arkansas - Pulaski Technical College accepts Discover, MasterCard, and Visa credit cards. If students wish to pay by credit card they can pay in person or by phone. Students may pay online via The Campus Portal by accessing the Nelnet Enterprise Option. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted for online payments. For additional information, visit our Payment Options webpage.

2. Where do I get a copy of my class schedule?

Students may get a copy of their schedule online through the Campus Portal.

3. Where do I get my parking tag and student ID card?

Parking tags may be picked up at the Business Office. Student ID cards are made in the Campus Center Building, Room 101 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Students must present a picture ID and be currently enrolled.

4. When will I receive a check for my refund for tuition and fees?

Refunds are normally processed within three weeks after the completion of an official drop/withdrawal form. Drop/withdrawal forms are available in the Student Services office at the Main Campus. Checks will be issued and made payable to the student.

5. When will I receive my work-study paycheck?

Work-study students are paid twice a month on the 15th and last day of each month through direct deposit in the student’s bank account. If either of these dates fall on a weekend or holiday, students will be paid on the prior business day. Additional pay information is available in Workday.

6. Where do I pay for a public safety fine?

Public safety fines should be paid at the Business Office at the Main Campus.

7. When will my Financial Aid check (Pell, SSIG, SEOG, etc.) be available?

Financial aid checks are disbursed at various times during the semester normally the third week of classes. Postings will be made on the Student Accounts/Cashier webpage advising you when the checks will be available. Students must present a picture ID to pick up their checks. For Financial Aid refund dates, visit our Financial Aid Refund Dates webpage. 

8. Does University of Arkansas - Pulaski Technical College allow payment installments for tuition and fees?

Yes! Payment plans are available for students who are enrolled in classes. Payment plans are available for fall, spring, and summer terms. Visit our Payment Options webpage for payment arrangements.

9. Can I have my refund direct deposited?

Yes! Refunds can be deposited to your checking or savings account. To sign up, visit the Campus Portal.