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Tuition and Fees

Tuesday, March 05, 2024
In-State (per credit hour)$142
Out-of-State/International (per credit hour)$242
Mandatory Fees  
Facility/IT/Security Fee (per credit hour)$55
Student Support Services Fee (per credit hour)$5
Program/Service Specific Fees  
Accuplacer Partial Test Fee$10
Accuplacer Test Fee$20
Automotive Course Fee (per credit hour)$25
Aviation Course Fee (per credit hour)$35
BH Science Lab Fee (per course)$50
BHS-Occupational Therapy Assistant Fee (per credit hour)$205
Certified Nursing Assistant Fee (per credit hour)$33
Collision Repair Fee (per credit hour)$53
Cosmetology Fee (per credit hour)$40
Culinary Arts Lab Fee (per course)$500
Diesel Repair (per credit hour)$35
Dental Assisting Fee (per credit hour)$13
Distance Education Fee (per credit hour)$15
* Tier 1 - Fee amount student incurs per credit hour$33
* Tier 2 - Fee amount student incurs per credit hour$100
* Tier 3 - Fee amount student incurs per credit hour$100
Education Program Fee (per semester)$90
EMT Program Fee (per course)$150
Health Information Technology Program Fee (per semester)$100
HVAC/EPA Testing Fee (per credit hour)$28
HVOLT Program Fee (per credit hour)$150
International Student Application Fee $250
International Student Fee (per semester)$500
Lab Fee$40
Machine Shop/CNC Course Fee (per credit hour)$35
Paramedic Program Fee (per credit hour)$20
Practical Nursing Testing Fee (Non-Traditional) (per course)$145
Practical Nursing Testing Fee (Traditional) (per course)$290
Radiography Fee (per credit hour)$140
Respiratory Therapy Program Fee (per credit hour)$35
Special Course Fee (per credit hour)$10
Surgical Technology (per semester)$250
Technical and Industrial Student Uniform Fee (per semester)$40
3D Program Fee (per credit hour)$167
Tractor Trailer Program Fee (per credit hour)$125
Welding Course Fee (per credit hour)$50
Wine kits and Exams Level 1 (per credit hour)$75
Miscellaneous Fees  
Kaplan Test Fee$50
Proctoring Test Fees$35
Prior Learning Assessment Fees: 
Evaluation - Assessment Fee$25
Portfolio- Assessment Fee$100
Extension Fee$25
Replacement of Lost/Damaged ID$10
Parking and Driving Violations (per violation)  
Parking in Handicap Space w/o vehicle tag, place card or Authorized person$50
Reckless/Unsafe Driving$25
Failure to Stop or Yield Right of Way$25
Invalid or no proof of license or vehicle insurance$25
Failure to observe sign, cone, Barricade or Officer$25
Speeding/Too fast for Conditions$25
Immobilized Vehicle (Boot) Removal Fee and Includes all unpaid Violations$25
Loud and Raucous Noise$25
Parking in a Reserved Area for Faculty and Staff, Donor or Visitors$10
No Parking Permit or invalid display on Vehicle$10
Double Parking/Blocking Street or Restricted Area$10
Parking in a No Parking Area or Fire Lane$10
Driving and/or Parking on grass$10
Driving /Parking Wrong Direction on One-Way Street$10
Parking Over the Marked Line$10
Falsifying Registration Information$10

Note: Only student support services, distance education, special course, property maintenance fees and the general student fee are refundable. These fees will be refunded on the number of credit hours and the tuition refund policy.


Past Due Accounts

If an account is not paid by the established due date for any given semester, the college will place the account with a licensed collection agency and/or with the Revenue Division of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, under authorization of Act 372 of 1983 and Act 987 of 1985, for application of any future income tax refunds.

The College reserves the right to report delinquent accounts to the appropriate credit bureaus which could negatively impact the student's credit standing.

Collection Agencies

Bursar Office referred to a licensed collection agency or an attorney for collection may incur collection fees not exceeding 50 percent for accounts $500 or less and not exceeding 33-1/3 percent for accounts exceeding $500. The debtor is responsible for paying all collection and/or attorney fees, in addition to his or her account balance.


UA-PTC students are governed by the University of Arkansas - Pulaski Technical Colleges Board of Visitors policy on student residency status. Those classified as nonresidents of Arkansas must pay higher tuition in addition to regular tuition and fees. Students who have set up residency in Arkansas during the past year must provide documentation with their Application for Admission prior to enrolling in classes. Questions about residency status and requests for the written policy should be directed to the Office of Admissions and Records.

Tuition Waiver Policy

Tuition and mandatory fees may be waived for Arkansas residents who are 60 years of age or older on the first day of classes for the term enrolled. Students must show proper proof of age. Program fees, specialty fees and any inclusive books will not be waived. Students wishing to use their Senior Waiver will be able to register 5 business days before the first day of the term. If a student would like to register before that date, they can choose to decline the waiver in the Bursar Office.

Refund Policy

Refunds are normally processed within three weeks after the completion of an official drop/withdrawal form. Drop/withdrawal forms are available in the Records Office. Refunds for payments made by check cannot be processed until 20 calendar days have passed since the date of payment. All refunds will be disbursed out to the student.