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Drop/Withdrawal Refund Policy

Friday, June 14, 2024

UA-PTC Campus Center Building

Refunds are normally processed within three weeks after the completion of an official drop/withdrawal form. Drop/withdrawal forms are available in the campus portal under the students tab. Refunds for payments made by check cannot be processed until 20 calendar days have passed since the date of payment. All refund checks will be made payable to the student.

Refunds are available for students who officially withdraw on the following dates:

Drop/Withdrawal Refund Dates
SUMMER 2024  
5-Week 1 and 10-Week  
May 30 100% Refund
June 3 50% Refund
5-Week II  
July 3 100% Refund
July 8 50% Refund
FALL 2024  
August 23 100% Refund
August 30 50% Refund
8-Week I  
August 21 100% Refund
August 23 50% Refund
8-Week II  
October 16 100% Refund
October 18 50% Refund

Issuing Refunds

Refunds will be issued to students who officially drop or withdraw within the deadline dates listed in the Academic Calendar. Refunds are normally processed within 3 weeks of receipt of the official drop or withdraw form. All refunds will be disbursed out to the student.

15-week and longer terms
Before classes begin through the first five (5) days – 100% refund
Second week – 50% refund
After second week – No refund

10-week and shorter terms
Before classes begin through the first three (3) days – 100% refund
Fourth (4) and fifth (5) day – 50%
After fifth (5) day – No refund