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Workday Support

Saturday, April 13, 2024
Workday Support


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Discover how Workday affects you by accessing these frequently asked questions.

What is Workday?

Workday is a cloud-based system that provides finance, procurement, human resources, faculty and staff management for all campuses within the University of Arkansas System. Workday users will benefit from the platforms intuitive, web-based applications with self-service and mobile capabilities. Workday is designed to work the way we work today and will help create a more nimble, process and data driven organization. Many universities are adopting Workday because it is easy to use by employees, faculty, staff, managers and students; it supports what we do in higher education and it emphasizes a collaborative approach to designing business processes.

1. What are some of the benefits of Workday?

  • Workday provides 24/7 access to information over a secure network.
  • Workday uses a powerful yet simple user web interface for all applications, enabling staff or students to update or access their information privately from any computer or mobile device with internet access.
  • Workday positions our organization to make changes and upgrades more readily in the future.
  • Workday is designed to support the unique needs of higher education.

2. Is Workday secure and is my personal information safe?

Workday is extremely secure. It is used by multiple Fortune 500 companies, including many familiar Arkansas companies like Walmart, JB Hunt, and Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Higher education institutions and systems such as the Texas A&M System, University of Miami, Yale, and LSU are using Workday. Even though it is a very secure, industry-leading product, we still use best practices around accessing Workday. All campuses within the University of Arkansas System will utilize multi-factor authentication (MFA) to access Workday – meaning a second authentication method (such as a text message, phone call, or mobile app) will be used in addition to a password to log in. Using MFA will add an additional layer of security to safeguard against phishing attempts and keep the system, our System, and our information secure.

3. How do I set up MFA to access Workday?

Instructions for setting up MFA to access workday are available at the following:

PDF Download: Instructions for setting up MFA - Visual handout that walks you through setting up MFA. Instructions are also provided for making notification changes to MFA once setup.

4. How do I access Workday?

Workday is accessible at When prompted, enter your UA-PTC username and password. After you have logged in, scroll down the page until you see the Workday SSO - Production icon. Workday is also accessible from the Employee section on the UA-PTC mobile app and Campus Portal.

5. Are Workday trainings available?

Yes! To access trainings, log into Blackboard. Workday trainings will be available under My Courses. Training and Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) are available in Workday under the Learning application.

6. Whom do I contact for Workday support?

For Workday support, please complete the Workday Support Application via the Campus Portal (temporary app for go-live activity and issues).

For assistance with installing the Workday application only, please call the help desk at (501) 812-2780. Employees will still require a call back from the first available subject matter expert.

Personal Information

1. What personal information can I view and update in Workday?

Workday houses the following personal information: home address, e-mail address, mobile phone number, and emergency contact information. Workday enables you to change your home contact information, emergency contact information, and preferred/legal name at any time.

2. How do I find my personal information in Workday?

Option 1: From your home screen, select the “Personal Information” Application Icon to Change or View the following:

  • Contact Information
  • Personal Information
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Photo
  • Legal Name
  • Preferred Name
  • Business Title
  • Social Networks
  • About Me
  • Addresses
  • E-mail Addresses
  • Address Changes
  • Name
  • Phone Numbers
  • Worker Documents

Option 2: Select your picture (or cloud) in the top right corner of your Workday home screen. Click on your name to “View Profile”. When your page displays, click on the “Actions” button that is located just under your name and title. Click on the information block that comes up and use the scroll bar to find “Personal Data”. Note: You can also use your mouse scroll feature if you have one. Here is the list of items that you can view or change:

  • Change My Home Contact Information
  • Change My Work Contact Information
  • Change Emergency Contacts
  • View My Emergency Contacts
  • View My Primary Address Changes
  • Change My Personal Information
  • View My Personal Information
  • Change My Photo
  • Change My Legal Name
  • Change My Preferred Name
  • View My ID Information
  • Change My Veteran Status Identification
  • Complete From I-9
  • Change Self-Identification of Disability
  • Maintain My Payment Elections

Benefits - Health Care

1. How can I enroll in my benefit elections?

In Workday you can enroll in benefits, declare a benefit event type, view and change beneficiaries, and view current benefit elections and associated costs.

2. When can an employee view or change current benefits?

Benefits eligible employees can easily access their current benefits information in Workday. They may also change benefits in Workday with a qualifying event such as marriage or loss of coverage. Open enrollment takes place in November each year. Other changes can be made at that time.

  • Manage Benefits
  • Add Beneficiary
  • Add Dependent due to Marriage
  • Change Benefits due to Divorce
  • Birth/Adoption of Child

3. Can new employees elect benefits in Workday?

Yes! A new benefits-eligible employee will have access to and can add benefits elections when onboarding is complete.

4. Can I manage my dependents in Workday?

Yes, you can view and manage beneficiaries, edit existing beneficiaries, or add new beneficiaries in Workday, including their relationship to you, their age, and the benefit elections in which they are included.


1. How do I view my grants in Workday?

Enter “Principal Investigator” in the search bar. A dashboard will appear listing any Grants assigned to the user

Pay, Payroll Tax, and Compensation

1. How can you view relevant tax information?

From the Workday homepage, click the pay application. From this page, click on Withholding Elections. Click on State or Local Elections or Tax Allocations to toggle between the items.

2. Can you update your W4 withholdings in Workday?

Yes, you can do this in the pay application under Withholding Elections. From the Workday homepage, click the pay application. From this page, click on Withholding Elections. Click on State or Local Elections or Tax Allocations to toggle between the items. Select the “Update” button on the bottom of the page for the section you want to update.

3. Will payslips before July 1, 2021 be available in Workday?

No. Workday will only have payslips from July 1, 2021 onward.

4. When can new employees select their payment elections?

If you are a new employee, you can select your pay elections (direct deposit) during onboarding.

5. What payment elections do you have in Workday?

Workday gives you the option to add up to three financial accounts for direct deposit. Once you have added these accounts, you can update your payment election information. Workday allows you to select a primary account and up to two secondary accounts. You can select the amount of money from each paycheck, or the percentage of each paycheck that you would like sent to the secondary accounts.

6. How can you view your payslip in Workday?

Select the “Pay” Icon from your Workday home screen and then click on Payslips from the View option. Choose View or Print from the options on the one you want to review. The payslip is formatted to see gross and net pay, pre-tax deductions, taxable wages, and employer-paid benefits. You can print or download your payslip into a PDF format.

Time Off, Leave, and Time Tracking

1. Who can submit time off requests in Workday?

All eligible workers submit time off requests in Workday.

Managers and others with the appropriate security roles can manage leave and absence for their employees.

2. Can you view your time off balance in Workday?

Yes, you can view your current time off balance once it is corrected in Workday. Workday also has a feature that enables workers to view future time off balances. This allows workers to plan their time away from work.

3. How do you request time off?

To request time off (e.g., vacation, sick leave) workers submit a request using the Absence application on the Workday homepage. Time off requests are automatically routed to managers for approval.

4. Will you be notified when your time off is approved?

Yes, you will receive a notification in your Workday inbox once your time request is approved. The time off will also appear as approved, blocked time in your calendar.

5. Who is required to enter time into Workday?

All non-exempt, Extra-Help, and Work-study employees are required to enter time in Workday.

6. How often are you required to enter time into Workday?

Timesheets are submitted weekly by non-exempt workers. This leaves you the flexibility to enter time daily, every two days, or once a week – as long as your timesheet is submitted weekly.

7. When is my timesheet due in Workday?

For employees that are required to submit timesheets, they are due by the last day of the pay period. Work-study and Extra-Help employees have until midnight on the last day of the pay period or their supervisors will have to make adjustments for them. The system will not allow them access past that time for any previous time entry. It is recommended that employees enter and submit time weekly.

8. What do you do if you forget to submit your timesheet in Workday?

If you forget to submit your timesheet, contact your manager as soon as possible. Your manager will work with you to enter your time.


Quick reference guides are available in the PDI LibGuides/Workday Resources section.

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