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Industrial Training

Friday, July 19, 2024

Vision and robotic systems have become an important part of keeping an organization competitive. Our training systems teach the principles of automation including Vision, Robotics, Programmable Logic Control, hydraulics, and pneumatics in an environment designed to maximize learning. Our labs use industry-standard equipment so trainees can return to work and readily apply the new skills.

Our networked lab enables up to twelve trainees to work on the system at the same time, providing an efficient learning environment. The training systems utilize Allen-Bradley PLC controllers, Keyence Vision system, and Intellitik five-axis robots all within a cell and connected via Ethernet. Automation Studio, a simulation software, allows students to design and test programs before downloading to the cell. The training systems also include bar code scanners, fiber optic sensors, and position sensors.

These are some of our industrial course offerings:

Programmable Logic Controllers

This course is an introduction to the Allen Bradley SLC 500 family of programmable controllers using RSLogix software. Topics include PLC hardware, basic instructions including timers, counters, data acquisition, and troubleshooting. Programming experience is provided using our modern PLC lab.

Fundamentals of Machine Vision

This industrial workshop covers the basics of machine vision components, how it operates, its benefits, and how to use machine vision for imaging, analysis, and quality control. It is designed for technicians responsible for the maintenance of vision systems, as well as engineers or quality control managers who do vision planning. Participants will learn how vision sensors can be used to accurately gauge, guide, identify, and inspect products: at single points, or on an entire factory-wide network of vision sensors.

Fluid Power

This course introduces hydraulic and pneumatic principles as they relate to industrial applications. Topics covered include physical principles, basic fluid circuits, actuators, valves, pumps, compressors, and accessories. Practical experience is provided with our hydraulic and pneumatic training systems.

Introduction to Robotics

This course teaches the principles of automation using an Intellitek 5 axis robot. The robots are integrated into a work cell that includes Vision, Fiber Optics, and Bar Code.

Industrial Electricity

This course is designed to teach the application of electricity in an industrial environment. Topics include electrical safety, transformers, single and three-phase motors, and troubleshooting. Practical application is provided in the laboratory.

Mechanical Drive Systems

This course provides an overview of the most common drive systems used in the manufacturing and processing industries. Belts, chains, gears, drive couplings as well as the characteristics of each type, and common troubleshooting techniques are covered.


Shaun Everest
Industrial Training Specialist
(501) 907-6670 ext. 3417
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