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Computer Applications Training

Thursday, July 18, 2024

Computer Applications Training

The University of Arkansas - Pulaski Technical College’s Business and Industry Center offers computer training to individuals, businesses, and local governments. Courses include Microsoft Office, Windows operating systems, and essential computing skills. These intensive short courses will give you or your employees the skills and knowledge needed to complete projects efficiently and effectively, maximizing productivity. Contact Grace Sandlin at (501) 907-6670 or e-mail [email protected] for details.

Customized Computer Training is available for small and large groups. Complete our Customized Training Request to find out how UA - Pulaski Tech can develop a customized computer program to fit your specific needs including day, time, duration, and specific content needs.

Classes are available via Zoom and Face-to-Face. If you sign up for a class that is offered via Zoom, a link to the Zoom meeting room and the password, and instructions on how to join the class, will be sent to you via e-mail after you register. The session will have a live instructor who will be available for questions throughout the class. The lecture will also be recorded and sent to participants after the class is completed.

Subjects Offered:

Microsoft Outlook

Learn how to use Microsoft Outlook for more than just e-mail. Participants will learn how to use digital calendars, manage multiple accounts, and how to utilize the calendar and To-Do functions.

Microsoft Word

In these classes, participants will learn the fundamental skills used in creating documents, ways to navigate a document, entering and formatting text, how to save documents, and how to create and modify tables. Participants will also learn how to a create table of contents and indexes which help readers locate specific topics and terms in a long document. Mail Merge will also be covered, which is a great feature where users can turn generic letters into personalized correspondence. Using Mail Merge, you can generate hundreds of letters, envelopes, labels, or e-mails without having to check each one.

Microsoft Word is broken up into Basic, Advanced, and Expert courses.

Microsoft Excel

In these classes, participants will learn Excel terminology and how to navigate a workbook, the different ways to enter data, how to format cells, rows/columns, and how to write formulas. Participants will also explore the tools that they can use with tables in Excel and Lookup Functions (VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP). Participants will also learn how to summarize data via PivotTables and PivotCharts.

Microsoft Excel is broken up into Basic, Advanced, and Expert courses.

Microsoft PowerPoint

In these classes, participants will learn the basics of using PowerPoint and some more advanced features to make their presentations stand out. Topics covered include creating and delivering a presentation, design techniques, printing a presentation, adding graphics and animation, adding multimedia to presentations, adding charts, and using tables.

Microsoft PowerPoint is broken up into Basic and Advanced courses.