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Frequently Asked Questions

Thursday, May 23, 2024

1. Do I need to contact the Veterans Services office each semester?

Yes, you must contact the Veterans Services Office each semester for which you want to receive VA benefits. To do this you must log in to your Campus Portal, click on the Admissions tab then on the VA Verification link. This will e-mail your schedule to the Veterans Services Office and we will process the information. If there is a problem with your classes, someone will contact you so that changes can be made. Please keep in mind that changes to schedules cannot be made after the 5th day of class. After that your hours will be reduced or terminated which may cause an over payment with the VA.

2. What is considered full-time?

Fall and Spring Semesters Training Time

Full-time, 12 and above credit hours, chapters: 30, 31, 32, 1606, 1607, 33
Three-quarter time, 9-11 credit hours, chapters: 30, 31, 32, 1606, 1607, 33
Half-time, 6-8 credit hours, chapters: 30, 31, 1606, 1607
Half-time, 7-8 credit hours, chapters: 33
Less than half-time, 1-5 credit hours, chapters: 30, 31, 32, 1606, 1607, 33

Training Time is based on Standard Semester Term (16 weeks)

**Students using Chapter 33 Post 911 benefits must be enrolled in 7 hours or more to receive BAH.

Summer Semesters I & II (4 weeks each)

Full-time, 3 and above (each term, chapters: 30, 31, 1606, 1607, 33

Summer I Extended (8 weeks)

Full-time, 6 and above, chapters: 30, 31, 1606, 1607, 33
Half-time, 3-5 credit hours, chapters: 30, 31, 1606, 1607, 33

3. How will the Veterans Service office contact me?

The Veterans Services Office will most often contact and communicate with you through UA-PTC official e-mail. This address is ‘the first two letters of your first name’ + ‘your last name’ + ‘the last 4 digits of your UA-PTC id number’ + ‘’ For example, John Doe is [email protected]. Check your UA - Pulaski Tech e-mail regularly.

4. How do I contact the VA?

For education benefits questions, call 1-(888)-442-4551 (1st menu=1, 2nd menu=zero).

For questions about money owed to the VA or repaying money to the VA, call 1-(800)-827-0648

For monthly verification, call 1-(877)-823-2378 or visit

5. Does the VA pay my tuition and fees?

Only individuals receiving Chapter 31 and Post 9/11(100%) have all or most of their tuition and fees paid by the VA. If you receive the Montgomery GI Bill® or dependents benefits, the VA does not pay your tuition and fees. Individuals using Chapter 30, Chapter 35, Chapter 1606 or Chapter 1607 must pay their tuition and fees.

6. I have the Post 9/11 GI Bill®, why did the VA send me a letter stating I was certified at $0 and $0 fees?

UA-PTC does not enter tuition and fees until the 3rd full week of classes. However, in order to be proactive we pre-certify in order for the VA to release the book stipend and start the monthly housing on time.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at

7. When will the VA pay?

For Post 9/11 students: Tuition and fees are not requested until after the 3rd week of class. If you are receiving any other financial aid, your tuition and fees will be taken out of that and once the VA pays UA - Pulaski Tech the Business office will reimburse you.

The VA will pay the monthly stipend in arrears. This means they pay at the end of the month, after you have attended courses. Students should expect to receive their first full check on the month after school starts. VA prorates the beginning and ending months of a regular semester.

**January, May, August, and December will always be prorated checks.

8. Should I Apply for Financial Aid?

Yes! Receiving VA benefits does not affect your eligibility for student aid. Additionally, most veterans and dependents must pay their own tuition and fees. Financial aid can help with this. Visit the UA - Pulaski Tech Financial Aid office for more information.

9. Why is My Tuition Status so Important?

Out-of-State tuition is significantly higher than In-State tuition. The student is responsible for making sure that the tuition status is correct. If there is a problem, the student must bring proof of residency that shows at least six (6) months in Arkansas. If a military member or a copy of the orders must be presented to gain In-State status immediately. This must be done before the of the drop/add/swap period. The student’s name must be on the orders for you to receive In-State status and a copy of the orders must be submitted with the form below. VA will not pay for Out-of-State status; therefore, the student will have to pay the difference.

Cost per credit hour:
In-State per credit hour $130
Out-of-State/International per credit hour $168

10. How does Tuition Assistance (TA) work at UA-PTC?

Tuition Assistance (TA) is a Department of Defense (DoD) program. TA rules vary by branch of service and can even vary between units depending on whether the unit is active, reserve or National Guard.

*Please note that new federal regulations prevent service members from using FTA and Chapters 1606 (MGIB-SR) or 1607 (REAP) in the same semester.

Contact Information for Students receiving Tuition Assistance:

University of Arkansas - Pulaski Technical College:
Veterans Services Office (501) 812-2720

Army National Guard:
(501) 212-4049

Air National Guard:
Airmen will need to contact their National Guard Educational Officer.

11. Can I use the Guard Tuition Incentive Program (GTIP) at UA-PTC?

The Guard Tuition Incentive Program (GTIP) is a state funded award to assist soldiers with their educational expenses.

You may send an email to:  [email protected] for the NEW Application dated July 1 or contact your Unit.

  • Fall term applications are accepted July 1 – August 15
  • Spring term applications are accepted November 1 – December 15
  • GTIP is not available for summer classes

GTIP approval process:

1. If approved for GTIP assistance, the Arkansas National Guard will submit the eligible students to the AR Department of Higher Education (ADHE). ADHE will compile the names and send to UA-PTC on a roster.
2. New Policy – AR National Guard will not pay GTIP funds for less than full-time (12 college credit hours).
3. Your official enrollment will be reported to the Arkansas Department of Higher Education as of UA-PTC’s 11th class day of the spring semester. You will need to be enrolled full-time on the 11th class day to receive these funds.

For more information, visit the AR National Guard Education website or call the Education Services Officer at (501) 212-4021.

For more information you can go to this website:

12. What if I drop a class or an instructor drops me from a class?

If your hours are reduced by your or an instructor then you will have to pay VA back for any money paid out by VA for that class. If you are dropped accidentally, it is your responsibility, once you are reinstated, to let the Veterans Services office know.

13. What if I have to leave school in the middle of the semester for deployment?

In compliance with Arkansas Code § 6-61-112 the soldier, spouse or dependent (student) will be eligible for one of three choices: 1) the student may receive a refund on tuition and fees for the semester the student is withdrawing from; 2) the student may receive a free semester of tuition and fees upon return to UA-PTC; or 3) a grade of Incomplete (I) if you are within 4 weeks of completion. This type of withdrawal must be initiated in the Veterans Services office by bringing in a copy of the orders and completing the UA-PTC Deployment Form.

*If you received enough financial aid/scholarships to cover tuition and fees, you are NOT eligible for the refund for the semester. However, you will receive a tuition/fees free semester if you choose to return to UA-PTC after the deployment.

14. What do I do if I am suspended?

If you have academic suspension or financial suspension, you are not eligible to receive VA benefits for the same period of time you are ineligible for financial aid. After your “no-assistance” time, you can receive your VA benefits again. To reinstate your benefits, veterans must submit to the VA a 22-1995. Dependents must submit a 22-5495 and all chapters of benefits must submit a 22-8873 to the VA and Veterans Services Office.