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Student Tools for a Successful Semester

Monday, December 06, 2021

Before Starting Classes

Develop a Routine

  • Make sure you have all your supplies for class - Laptop, textbook or ebook, pencil or pen, paper, planner and any additional materials. If you are using a laptop for online classes, make sure you have headphones with a microphone if possible for listening to lectures or discussions.
  • Is your laptop charged? Check the night before class to make sure your laptop is charged. If not, try and find a near place where you could plug it in.
  • Turn off your cell phone - If your taking classes online or in-person, turning off your cell phone before class will prevent you from any distractions when receiving a text messages and notifications.
  • Course Syllabus - Keep in touch with your instructors as the semester progresses. Instructor, department chair, and school dean information is provided on each syllabus.
  • Check your campus e-mail - Check your campus e-mail daily for important emails from the college.

Campus Resources

  • Information Technology Services - Access to campus portal, e-mail and Blackboard tech support. Additional information containing helpful technology tips, important computing and technology information is also available.
  • Public Health - What you need to know about UA-PTC's response to the coronavirus and how to stay healthy.
  • Student Resources - Important information about advising, admissions, financial aid, tutoring and other services.

Department E-mails

Academic Advising: [email protected]
Blackboard Support: [email protected]
Records: [email protected]
Financial Aid: [email protected]
Student Billing: [email protected]
Disability Services: [email protected]
Counseling: [email protected]
Admissions: [email protected]
Testing Center: [email protected]
Administrative Computing: [email protected]
Bookstore: [email protected]
TRiO: [email protected]
TRiO VUB: [email protected]
STEM Success: [email protected]

Technology Resources

  • Online Help Desk - Reset your password, add campus e-mail to your mobile, campus WiFi information and more.

Campus Portal

Microsoft OneDrive

  • OneDrive Access - 1TB of space for files that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device. Login using the same credentials for the Campus Portal.
  • OneDrive 101 - Two page step-by-step handout for using OneDrive.

Microsoft Office 365

  • Microsoft Office Suite - Download for free via Office 365 Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook for PC and Mac. (must be logged into the Campus Portal to download)

Microsoft Teams


  • Download Zoom - Direct access for downloading Zoom services, including the mobile app.
  • Zoom Tutorials - Several video tutorials for using different Zoom features.


Laptops are available to enrolled students through the campus library. To checkout a laptop, students must have a referral from a faculty member or an academic advisor. Faculty and academic advisors can send an e-mail or call the library on the students behalf.