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Scholarship Opportunities

Friday, November 24, 2017

UA-PTC Foundation Scholarship Opportunities

All currently enrolled UA-PTC students are now eligible to apply for most scholarships; there are still a few that are only available to second year students. All applications require a 300 word essay; most now require a letter of recommendation from a UA-PTC instructor. First semester students must provide proof of current grades (specific criteria is listed on the individual applications). Fall application deadline is November 1st; spring deadline is April 1st. All eligibility requirements are outlined on each application; please make sure to read each application as they have different eligibility requirements. The scholarship listings below are in Adobe PDF format.

Offered during the fall and spring semesters:

Offered in the fall only:

Offered in the spring only:

Important Information:

  • Once the application deadline passes, students will be notified via UA-PTC email if they have been selected to interview for the scholarship. Interviews are usually two weeks after the application deadline and are mandatory.
  • Students awarded scholarships must send a letter of appreciation to the foundation office (a template will be provided) before any funds will be disbursed.
  • Students applying for all scholarships must have an established UA - Pulaski Tech GPA (cannot be a new or first semester student).
  • Unless otherwise noted, the minimum GPA is usually 2.0.
  • Scholarships are for the semester following the interviews. Exceptions are sometimes made so a student can use their money for a summer class.

For more information contact Michele Grainger at (501) 812-2387 or e-mail [email protected].