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2020 Donor Honor Roll

Friday, May 27, 2022


Windgate Foundation


Arkansas Beef Council
Arkansas Motor Vehicle Commission
Fred Darragh Foundation
PPG Protective Marine Coatings
Carolyn and Rog Rogers
Ted and Betty Williams Charitable Trust


Ben E. Keith Foods
Crain Automotive
Holdings, LLC
First Arkansas Bank & Trust
North Little Rock Chamber Of Commerce
Hiland Dairy
Legacy Termite & Pest Control, Inc.
Little Rock Advertising and Promotion Commission
Mitchell, Williams, Selig,
Gates & Woodyard, PLLC
Linda and Eugene M. Pfeifer III
Riggs Benevolent Fund
Simmons First National Bank
Television Broadcasters of Arkansas


Alessi Keyes Construction
Danah Beard
Tara Byrd
Amanda Coleman
Dominic Curry and EJ Nicholson
CDI Contractors
Bonnie and Glen Davis
Clay H. Davis
Fifth Generation, Inc.
Cynthia Bernice Fletcher
Barbara and David Glover
Michele and Douglas Grainger
Mike, Denise, Michael,
Mason, and Heather Hammett
April C. and Gregory D. Hearne
Wendy and Collins Hemingway
Jan Lewandowski
S. Allen and Jonathon Loibner-Waitkus
Terri and Kenneith Lothery
Nicole Louden
Lisa Moriconi
Eva and Dr. James J. Pappas
Jim B. Porter
Joshua Ang Price
Paige and Bob Redd
Teresa, Tom and Chelsea Russell
Mary Kate Snow
Rebecca L. Stone
Dr. Marla Strecker
Kimberley and Scott Strzelecki
Subway Development


Jimmy Alessi
Michelle Lynn Anderson
Andrew E. Arnold
Arkansas Community Foundation
Chef Paul Bash
Martha and Rob Best
Zachary Bledsoe
Dr. and Mrs. Donald R. Bobbitt
Cynthia Bookwalter
Shannon Boshears
Rebecca L. Boswell
Felicia Boone Bozeman
Courtney A. Bradford
Melanie Bradford
Louise Branscomb
Scottie and Dick Burchett
Edmund Burke
Hope Campbell
Suzette Cannon
Rebecca L. Castleberry
Yavonda and Matthew Chase
Rebecca Chism
Chelsea Choate
Ellon Cockrill
Meghan and Andrew Collins
Casey Daniel
Anna Davis
Wendy and Kevin Davis
Ronald Dedman
Lilly Dixon
Billie, Brian, Charlie, and Ruthie Egli
Sue Ellen and Ben C. Ellibee
Dr. Margaret A. Ellibee and Susan L. Ball
Rena Exson Stevenson
Cynthia Clarke Fehrenbach
Phyllis Fields
Victor Fluker
Regina Fossette
Carl V. Frank
Joshua C. Fulton
Mary Gall
Michael Gallagher
Rebecca L. Glover
MaryAnn and Michael E. Goth
Dr. James Grainger
Monica Grand
John A. Gregan
Daphne D. Hale
Misti Halter
Gina Handley
Evan Hartweg
Bethany Hilkert
Mandy Hill
Dr. Mindy Hodges
Tommy House
Judy Huckeba
Ashley Welch Hudson
Marcia K. Hutson
Loc Huynh
Ikaras Youth Outreach Program
Rebecca Jeter
Alica Johnson
Karen D. Jones
Tim Jones
Weeda M. Jones
Sarah J. Kelley
Cathy Kindcaid
Kimberly and Mark Kwee
Shay Lambert-Howze
Glenn Larkin
Dr. Frank Latimer
Mark Levy
David Lewis
Jacqulyn Lewis
Christopher K. Locke
Susan Lynch
Jennifer D. Martsolf
Dr. Moluwa Matute
Kevin May
Mimi A. McAfee
Kristen J. McConnell
Jill McDonald
Diane and Dr. Barry D. McVinney
Paula Miles
Mary Miller
Charlette A. Moore
Robert K. Moore
Jeremy and Jennifer Morehead
Amy Morgan
Edwina Mosby
Lasonja Moseley
Mohamed Nawaz
Leslie Mahan O’Malley
Dr. Christy Michele Oberste
Logan M. Oliver
Frank A. Opitz
Sara and Jonathan Osborne
George Paddock
Abigail and Zachary Perrine
Pat Pierce
Amy Pittman
Jayne Pyle
Nena Ray
Allison Reavis
MaryJane and Michael Rebick
Kyle Rector
Dr. Rochelle D. Redus
Sally and Keith Riggs
Julie C. Robbins
Mangan Holcomb Partners/Team SI
Adrienne Rogers
Shekuoria Bushay Rupert
Sonya Russ
Monsurat Salami
Taylor Scott
Nyvelyn Shaw-Rochelle
Rich Shumate
Linda S. Slater
Renee J. Smith
Nancy Sparks
Heather Steadham
Carey Stuart
Sarah Swander
Loria Taylor
Mark Thomas
Janine G. Tiner
Trajecsys Corporation
Marty and Werner Trieschmann
Dr. Deborly Wade
Darby and Dr. Bentley Wallace
Jeffrey Ward
Judy White Johnson
Gladys Whitney
Dr. Darrellyn Williams
Felisha Williams
Raymond Williams
Tina Williams-Houston
Debbie and David Wilson
Ganice Wilson
Gary Winkler
Shanda Thornton
Karen Wiscaver
Amber Wolf
Lisa Wooten
Sharee L. Young