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2017 Donor Honor Roll

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

UA-PTC student

Windgate Charitable Foundation

Jackye and Curtis Finch, Jr.

Arkansas Beef Council
Arkansas Motor Vehicle Commission
Arkansas Times
Bank of America Foundation
Carol & Witt Stephens Charitable Foundation
CDI Contractors LLC
Central Arkansas Planning and Development District
Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Institute
Cummins Mid South
Fred Darragh Foundation
Hiland Dairy
Robyn Horn
SYSCO Food Services of Arkansas, LLC.
Ted and Betty Williams Charitable Trust
US Foods
Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation

3M Industrial Minerals Products Division
Alessi Keyes Construction
Allegra Marketing Print Mail
Maribeth C. Anders
Anonymous Donors
Argenta City Club, Inc.
Arkansas Black Hall of Fame
Arkansas Business Publishing Group
Arkansas Economic Acceleration Foundation
Bailey Properties, LLC
Baptist Health Foundation
Ben E. Keith Foods
Bruce Oakley, Inc.
Capital Hotel
City of Little Rock
Clarence E. Anthony Charitable Trust
Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Collision Repair Education Foundation
The Communications Group, Inc.
Crain Automotive Holdings, LLC
CWP Productions
First Security Bank
Gary Davis and Rick Fleetwood
Follett Bookstore
Mark Fonville Photographic
Greg Thompson Fine Art
Tifany and Harry Hamlin
Innerplan Office Interiors
ITW Global Tire Repair
KATV - Channel 7
Little Rock Advertising & Promotion Commission
Little Rock Marriott
Deb & Russell Mathis
Mitchell, Williams, Selig, Gates & Woodward, PLLC
North Little Rock Chamber of Commerce
O'Looney's Liquor and Wine
Linda and Eugene M. Pfeifer III
Regions Bank
Rotary Club of Little Rock
RP Power, LLC
Kimberley and Scott Strzelecki
Subway Development, Inc.
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Arkansas Association of Energy Engineers
Arkansas Collision Repair Association
Arkansas Community Foundation
Arkansas Craft Distributors, LLC
Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation
Arkansas State Archives
Arkansas Travellers
Dr. Vondra O. Armstrong
Laura Arrington
Arvest Bank
Dr. Susanne Ashby
Bailey Foundation
Bancorp South
Cindy and Terry Beck
Bistro Catering and Gourmet Take Away
Shannon Boshears
Dave Breite
Phyllis Brown
Renata and Tim Byler
Cache Restaurant & Lounge
Cajuns Wharf
Callaway Golf Co.
Cantrell Gallery
Dr. Pamela Cicirello
Casey Cobb
Amanda Coleman
Commercial Door & Hardware
Cynthia L. Conger
Dr. Susan Conley
Coulson Oil Company, Inc.
Kimberly and Ren Creighton
Crow-Burlingame Co.
Bonnie and Glen Davis
DeAnna Davis
Janet and Dr. Glenn R. Davis
Margaret and Ronald L. Dedman
Alison S. and Dr. Michael L. DeLong
Gail and Richard DeSpain
Kim and Steve Dunnagan
Heidi Edgar
Edward's Food Giant
Dr. Margaret A. Ellibee and Susan L. Ball
Edie Ervin
First Arkansas Bank & Trust
Robert H. Fiser III
Melinda and Dr. Gary Gaston
John Gaudin
Gill Ragon Owen, PA
Sheila Glasscock
Barbara and David Glover
David Goldstein
Michele and Douglas Grainger
Dennis Greenlee
Fil Griggs
Mike, Denise, Michael, Mason, and Heather Hammett
Julia and Ryan Hamra
Lydia R. Hart
April C. and Gregory D. Hearne
Dr. and Mrs. Archie Hearne
Sharon K. Heflin
Vickie Hendrix Siebenmorgan
Susan Higgins
Marsha Morgan Hines
Deborah S. Huber
Hugg & Hall Equipment
Al Isbell
Lavonne Juhl
Carthy and Philip Kirkpatrick
Krebs Brothers
Jimmy Lawrence
Lagacy Termite and Pest Control, Inc.
Chef Jan Lewandowski
Piedra Luis Diego Loaiza
S. Allen and Jonathon Loibner-Waitkus
Terri and Kenneith Lothery
Jerry and Terry Lynn
Morie A. Malloy
Mangan-Holcomb Partners
Patrick Matthews
McGraw-Hill Education LLC
McLarty Volkswagen Mazda
Tim McMennany
Diane and Dr. Barry McVinney
Cheryl Moody
Anita and Randy Moore
The Morris Foundation, Inc.
Cindy and Howard Nesmith
Sandra Newberg
Thomas Nolting
Rachel and Daniel Oberste
Ella and Charles C. Owen, Jr., M.D.
Kelly Owens
In Honor of Patricia Palmer
Patricia and Robert Palmer
Eva and Dr. James Pappas
Lennon and Stephanie Parker
Performance Food Group
Pioneer Distributing Co., Food Service Equipment & Supplies
Lekita M. Pounds
MaryJane and Michael Rebick
Red Door Gallery
Paige and Bob Redd
Nancy Reedy
Rehab Med Consultants of AR
Byron Riggs
Teresa and Tom Russell and Chelsea
MiMi San Pedro and Mary Ann Coleman
Diana Shearon
Mary Ann Shope
Simmons First National Bank
Pamela J. Smith
Mary Kate Snow
Jay R. Sprigg
Connie and Ed Staley
Stanley Jewelers Gemologists, Inc.
Rebecca Sterling
Rebecca Stone
SVP & General Counsel
Suzanne and Robert W. Sweeten
Taggart Architects
Text Book Brokers
Thompson Electric
Timex Corporation
Tipton & Hurst, Inc.
Ventura Foods, LLC
Wagner Construction
Jessica Walker
Darby and Bentley Wallace
Tonya and Chris Werner
Debra West
Westrock Coffee Services
Whole Hog Cafe
Dr. Jeanne Williams
Dr. Darrellyn Williams
Witsell, Evans & Rasco, P.A.
Jack Wood
Jess "Woody" Woods
Ya Ya's Euro Bistro
Sherry D. Young

Elizabeth Abney
Madgie Abson
Katharine Adams
Karen and Gary Aday
Karen A. Adney
Deborah Ahring
Al Seraj Restaurant
Jimmy Alessi
Yvonne C Alexander
Marvene Allen
Carol Allin
Allsopp Corp
Karley Altazan
Gabrielle Anderson
Millie Anderson
Paula Anderson
Michelle Anderson
Zane Anderson
Alecia Appling
AR Hospitality Association
Arkansas Arts Council
Arkansas Circus Arts
Arkansas Glassworks
Charles Arrington
Susan Baker
John Robert Baker
Ballet Arkansas
Connie and George Balogh
Barnes East Group of Raymond James
Bass Pro Shop
Brittany Beam
Terrill Beckerman
Bedford Camera & Video
Beef O'Brady's
Linda Bennett
Mitch Berlin
Martha and Rob Best
Perry Bland
Bill Bloodworth
The Blue Cake Company
Blue Coast Burrito
Jamie Boshears
Bosko Inc.
Boston Beer Company
Rebecca L. Boswell
Boulevard Bread Company
Sherry Bowman
Beth Boyd
Terry Boyd
Leonard Boyle
Greg Bradford
Mina and Adam Bradford
Melanie Bradford
Louise Branscomb
Brave New Restaurant
Diane C. Bray
Phyllis Britton
Elena Brizzolara
Marge Brokate
Joshua Brown
Terry L. Brown
Darren Brown
Bruno's Little Italy
Sam Buchanan
Buds and Bows
Lisa and Darwin Buehler
James Bullock
Albert Bunce
Scottie and Dick Burchett
Julia Busfield
Tara Byrd
Cafe Bossa Nova
Elizabeth Caldwell
Linda Calhoun
Larry Calmes
Katelyn Cameron
Paul Campbell
Chef Suzanne Campbell
Canon Grill
Shannon Cantrell
Caren Crossland Original Art
Kathleen and James Cargil
Caroline's Closet
Tena Carrigan
Rhonda Carroll
Kyle Carson
Alysia Carter
Warren Carter
Britt Carter
Sheila Castin
Rebecca Castleberry
Linda and James Cavin
CCI of Arkansas, Inc.
Central Arkansas Ballet
Dr. Cheryl A. Chapman
Yavonda and Matthew Chase
Rebecca Chism
Susan L. Claridge
Nancy and Dr. Richard Clark
Dean Clift
Cobas, Inc.
Ellon Cockrill
Tina Coggins
Jacob Coleman
Carolyn Coleman
William Colvin
Ivone Cone
Nick Copas
Tracy E. Courage
Jennifer Cox
Craft Veach & Company PLC
Todd Cranson
Tod Crites
Culture Clothing Co
Ashley and William Cunningham
Sarah Cunningham
Brad Cushman
Deborah Danchenko
Jamie Darling
Jamila Davis
Wendy and Kevin Davis
Lara Davis
Troy Deal
Crystal Dear
Carolyn Debusk
Michael Deeter
Patricia DePreist
Dlorah DeVore
Diamond Bear Brewing Company
Douglas Diaz
Catherine Divito
William Dixon
Virgie M. Dobson
Brandi Doddridge
Susan Sierra Dollar
Don's Supply, Inc.
Todd Donaldson
Cathy Donohoe
Cindy Doramus
Carolyn Doty
Barbara B. Dougherty and Ms. Ruth Benzie
Jill Dozier
Edward L. Drangle
Dugan's Pub
Jeff Dumboski
Kathleen Dunnavant
Charles and Roy Eames
Ecolab, Inc.
Kelly Edwards
Eggshells Kitchen Co.
Billie, Brian and Charlie Egli
Malik El-Amin
Elegant Threading Salon
Dr. Martha Eshleman
Alice Evans
Kathryn E. Evans
The Faded Rose Restaurants
Rachel Farrell
Russell Fason
Ahlena Faver
Annie and Eldridge Fears
Nicki and Joe Feldman
Ann Fellinger
Fermentables and Homegrown Hobbies
Phyllis Fields
Serena Figueroa
Jean Ann and AJ Finley
Fischer Honey Company, Inc.
Mike Flagg
Kelly Fleming
The Fold
Christopher Forgy
Kelly Freck
William Fuller
Elizabeth Futch
Charlotte Gadberry
Mary Gall
Daphne Gallot-Knighten
Radeanna and Andy Garcia
Amy Gatewood
Erika Gee
Ruth Anne Goff
Daniel Gold
Fred Goldthorpe
Sofia Gonzalez
Henry Goodspeed
Claudia Gravett
Amy and Chad Green
John A. Gregan
Nancy Griebel
Lonnie Grimes
Lisa and J. Russell Guerra
Venn and Donnie Gundolf
Kyla Hale
Daphne D. Hale
Shanti Halter
Sybil Hampton
Valerie Hanks
Shelley Hanson
Timothy Harber
Laine Harber
Donna and Sam Hardcastle
Michele Hardy
Sherlyn K. Harris
Verkeytia Harris-Long
Fred and Helen Harrison
Kendel Haycook and Ian Sanderson
Ken and Linda Haycook
Michele Haynes
KiKi and Gregory Heintz
Eric Heizman
Melissa and Dan Hendricks
Martha Henry
Lynn L. and Orville Henry
Todd Herman
Michelle Herrera
Todd Herrold
Jerry Herron
Betty Herron
Margaret and James Herzfeld
Johnny Hewett
Amy Hill- Imler
Hillcrest Artisan Meats
Ellen Hobgood
Stacey Hogue
Cynthia Holleman
Honda of North Little Rock Arkansas Yamaha
John Honey
Lisa and Michael Hostetler
Gemessia Hudson
Ashli Hunt
Neka Hunter
Brandi L. Hutsell
Marcia K. Hutson
Jeanne and The Honorable Barry D. Hyde
Brian Itzkowitz
Izard Chocolate
Suzanne Jaco
Stephanie Jacuzzi
James Hayes Art Glass Company
Alvin B. Jamison
Karen Jensen
Sherry Johnson
Allison Johnson
Karen Johnson
Kathy and Jim D. Johnson
Karen D. Johnson
Traci Johnston
Monica Jones
Tim Jones
Barbara and Stephen Jones
Weeda M. Jones
Just Communities of Arkansas
Emma and Travis Justice
Henry Karlin
Suzanne Kellar
Patricia Keller
Shirley Kelley
Bryan Kelly
Keystone Automotive Industries
John Kincaid
Art Kinnaman
Robert Kirk
Carolyn and Glenn Knight
Patricia Kohler-Evans
David Kroamer
Dr. Donald R. Kuonen
Kimberly Kwee and Mark Barnes
Mary Lambright
Dr. Frank Latimer
Gloria Lawson
Nadine M. Ledet
Pamela Lee
Krysten Levin
Liberty National Life Insurance
A. Danielle Litaker
Little Rock Zoo
Loblolly Creamery
Paula J. Long
Ginanne Long
Looney Bin Comedy Club
Anna Lynch
Betty and Maxwell J. Lyons II
Nirvana Manning
Johnny Mansfield
Deena Martin
Joe Martin
Jennifer D. Martsolf
Paul Matthews
Stacy and Rusty Mathis
Kellee Matlock
Dr. Moluwa Matute
Stacey McCord
Patty A. McCormack
Nancy G. McDonald
McGee Monument Co.
Shawna McGill
Jeff McKay
Sheila and Mark L. McManus
Terri and Michael McMillian
Donna McSpadden
Frances McSwain
Caleb Meadough
Katie Melton
Mercer Culinary
Paula Miles
Lindsey Millar
John Miller
Rachel M. Miller
Dr. Beth Miller
M. M. Miller
Danny Milnes
William Monagle
Marcus Montgomery
Robert Moore
Lena Moore
Matthew D. Moorehead
Samantha Morris
Michael Morrow
Jeff Mosley
G Mosser
Motley's Farm
Jon Mourot
Moxy Modern Mercantile
Danielle Litaker Nall
Mohamed Nawaz
Bret and Damon Neiser
Edward Nelson
Cheryl Payne Nesuda
Zachary Nicholson
Julia Nicol
Emily Norman
Dalana Nugent
Janet Nydegger
David Oberste
Christina Oberste
Sherry Oliver
Logan M. Oliver
Frank A. Opitz
Orthopedic Rehabilitation & Specialty Centers of AR
Sara and Jonathon Osborne
Outlets of Little Rock
Rhonda Owen
John Owens
Oxford American
Painting With a Twist
Deborah J. and Eddie G. Pannell
The Pantry
Andrew and Yvette Parker
Terry Patterson
Benjamin Peacock
Eric Peppers
Zachary Perrine
Dr. Peggy Peterson
Lindsay Petruk
Wes Phillips
Temeka Pickett
Bradley S. Pierce
Pat Pierce
Jennie Pierce
Candace and Richard Pierce
Christie and Ted Pinney
Pinot's Palette
John Pitts
Talisha Polite
Jim Porter
Kenneth Portie
Potbelly Sandwich Shop
Jessica Poynter
Adams Pryor
Bill Puddephatt
Pulaski Technical College Foundation
Jonathan Purkiss
Jayne Pyle
Wade Radke
Raduno's Brickoven Barroom
Linda Raff
Tonya Rafferty
John Ragland
Ben Rains
Betty Raper
Eugene Rathfon
Heizman Re
Rochelle D. Redus
Reinvented Vintage
Elizabeth Reves
Emily Reynolds
Todd Rice
Sally and Keith Riggs
River City Coffee
Rock City Anesthesia
Rock City Dance Center
Rolando's Restaurante
The Root Cafe
Brad Rose
Setsuko Rowlands
Monica Ruiz
Meagan Ruiz
Dr. Sonya Russ
Sam's Club NLR
Donna Sammons
Leslie Sandberg
Wendy Schay
Tonya Schoonmaker
Sandra Sell
Tonya Sexton
Judy Shantz Honey
Renee Shapiro
Katie Shapley
Natasha Shearer
Christy and Phillip Sherrill
Chris Shields
Joann and Ralph Sims
Amy Sloper
Renee Smith
Jacqueline Smith
Mary Grace Smith
Charles Smith
Joshua Smith
Roger W. Smith
Missie and Joe Smith
Smitty's Trading Post & Sign Shop
Misty Snell
The Southern Gourmasian
Nancy Sparks
Giovanna Splawn
St. Mark's Episcopal Church
Mark Stafford
Jacob A. Standley
Tricia Stapler
Jennifer Stewart
Stone's Throw Brewing
John Stratford
Supreme Fixture Company, INC
Teresa Susoeff
Kenneth Sutterfield
Jean Swillum
Tanarah Luxe Floral
Elizabeth Tatum
Loria Taylor
Joel Taylor
Taziki's Greek Fare
Teresa Tessman
Jill Thiel
Mark Thomas
Sharon Thomas
Ellis Thompson
Jane Thompson
Three Fold Noodle & Dumpling Co
Tiffany Tilley
Roslyn Tillman
Cecelia Todd
Jeanie Toombs
Dauphne Trenholm
Marty and Werner Trieschmann
Johnnie and Robert Trower
Pat Ulrich
University of Central Arkansas Reynolds Performance Hall
Richard Urquhart
US Pizza
Kristen Vandaveer
Hal Vandiver
Angela Vanzandt
Michelle A. Verser
W. Robert Atkins Insurance Agency
Kristen and Chad W. Wagner
Leigh Walker
Bruce Wallace
Heidi Ward
Ronda Warneke
Scott C. Warrior
Lentonieal Washington
Steven Washkowaik
Terry Watson
Elizabeth Weber
Welsco, Inc.
D. Wharton
Karen Wheeler
Tammye Whitfield
Gladys Whitney
Whole Foods Market
Michael Wichmann
Susan Wiggins
Gloria Wiggins
Terrie Wilkerson
William J. Clinton Foundation - Cafe 42
Jeffery Williams
Marcy and Robert J. Williams
Steve Williams
T J Williams
David Williams
Gerald Williams
Grant Williams
Debbie and David Wilson
Ganice Wilson
Jennifer Wilson-Harvey
Gary Winkler
Debra Wood
Larry Woodward
Writing Our World Press
Bill Wyngaard
Aiwei Yao-Borengasser
Kim Yarbrough
Yellow Rocket Concepts
R. P. Yoder
Sharee L. Young
Aloye Young