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Strategic Plan

Friday, September 29, 2023

UA - Pulaski Tech Main Campus

2022-27 Strategic Plan

UA - Pulaski Tech has begun implementation of its long-term strategic plan for 2022-27. The initiative includes a cross section of the campus representing all Schools, Units, faculty, staff, and shared governance. The Core Team will be responsible for analyzing critical success factors, hosting town halls, gathering community/stakeholders input, crafting the institution-level strategic plan, developing the implementation processes, tracking successes/accomplishments, and devising modifications as needed.



Core Team

Michelle Anderson
David Carpenter
Summer DeProw
Rita Fleming
Wayne Floyd
Michele Grainger
Robert Hall
Kiki Heintz
Ashley Henry-Saorrono
Ana Hunt
Jennifer Hutson
Talayia Johnson
Weeda Jones
Angela Kremers
George Lauster
John Lewis
Mike McMillan
Richard Moss
Sara Osborne
Lennon Parker
Kate Terrell

2017-21 Strategic Plan