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Strategic Plan

Tuesday, December 06, 2022

UA - Pulaski Tech Main Campus

2022-27 Strategic Plan

UA - Pulaski Tech has begun implementation of its long-term strategic plan for 2022-27. The initiative includes a cross section of the campus representing all Schools, Units, faculty, staff, and shared governance. The Core Team will be responsible for analyzing critical success factors, hosting town halls, gathering community/stakeholders input, crafting the institution-level strategic plan, developing the implementation processes, tracking successes/accomplishments, and devising modifications as needed.


Core Team

Michelle Anderson
Jennifer Blaylock
David Carpenter
Tena Carrigan
Wendy Davis
Summer DeProw
Josh Engle
Wayne Floyd
Michele Grainger
Robert Hall
Kiki Heintz
Ashley Henry-Saorrono
Ana Hunt
Talayia Johnson
Weeda Jones
Angela Kremers
George Lauster
John Lewis
Mike McMillan
Charlette Moore
Richard Moss
Sara Osborne
Lennon Parker
Kate Terrell
Sharee Young

2017-21 Strategic Plan