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Institutional Research

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

UA-PTC Students

Vision Statement

To provide information that encourages inquiry and enables decision making.

Mission Statement

The Office of Institutional Research collects, organizes, validates, analyzes, and distributes institutional data to support decision making and planning.

Code of Ethics

The Office of Institutional Research respects and guards individual student privacy as outlined in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The Office reports data and information in aggregate form only so that individual data and responses cannot be tracked or identified. Occasionally, and for official business, such as academic advising, scholarship awards, or dean’s lists, data specific to individuals are shared, but within guidelines of FERPA. Additionally, the Office abides by the AIR Code of Ethics, which provides institutional research practitioners with ethical principles and standards to guide their work.

Enrollment Reports

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IPEDS Data Feedback Reports

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Course Pass and Success Rates

Campus Climate Survey Reports

Graduation Survey Reports

CCSSE Results

Ruffalo Noel-Levitz Results