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Student and Academic Success Task Force

Monday, December 06, 2021

UA-PTC Campus

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SAS Task Force Purpose:

Create an administrative structure that promotes the values, mission and strategic focus of the college that aligns with the priorities of the Strategic Plan and industry best-practice.


A document that presents three proposed options for the administrative structure of Academic and Student Affairs for UA-PTC with reasoning in relation to the Strategic Plan and specific lens of the sub-groups (i.e. Guided Pathways, Student Learning Outcomes, Program Review, etc.).   The research that informs these options should include national best-practice, institutional data, historical administrative structures of UA-PTC, structures from other campuses, and internal conversations with the campus community. The proposed options will reflect the institutional priorities as defined in the Strategic Plan, UA-PTC Institutional Learning Outcomes, and Mission.

Scope:  Phase I & Phase II

Administrative Structure of College:  Phase I (Student and Academic Affairs), Phase II (Administrative Support Structure)