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Virtual Exhibit: Dorothea Lange’s America

Friday, September 29, 2023

On exhibit until December 11, 2020 in the Windgate Gallery located inside the Center for Humanities and Arts (CHARTS) building at the Main Campus is a focused exhibition of original lifetime prints by the legendary documentary photographer Dorothea Lange. For additional information, visit: Iconic photos featured in Dorothea Lange’s America at Windgate Gallery


Navigation Instructions

1. To navigate around the virtual exhibit, hold the left mouse key down and move your cursor icon around in the desired direction.

2. To view different areas within the virtual exhibit, select the round navigation icon.

3. Images within the virtual exhibit can be viewed by selecting the round image icon. If you would like to make the images larger, use the middle mouse button to zoom in and out. Images can be closed by left clicking the image.

4. To return to the beginning of the virtual exhibit, select the home icon at the bottom left corner.