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Program Review

Sunday, November 28, 2021

UA-PTC engages in a four-year review cycle of all programs and units across the college. The College’s integrated program and unit review process assists with the continuous quality improvement of our programs and services. The review process also provides an opportunity for each program and unit to evidence its contribution to UA-PTC and its strategic plan. The results of program and unit reviews are used to guide institutional planning, resource allocation and decision-making.

Goals of Integrated Program Review

  1. Improve student learning and college services
  2. Assess quality and currency
  3. Reflect on the alignment of program goals and learning outcomes with institutional mission and strategic initiatives
  4. Demonstrate use of data to drive continuous quality improvement
  5. Provide evidence to support institutional planning, budgeting and decision-making

UA-PTC’s integrated review process is fully transparent and all resources are accessible on this website.