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Outcomes Assessment

Sunday, October 24, 2021

UA-PTC engages in assessment to evaluate institutional effectiveness. Assessment of outcomes is a college-wide process of identifying expected outcomes, assessing the achievement of these outcomes, and providing evidence of improvement based on the analysis of results in each of the following areas: instructional programs (to include student learning outcomes), administrative and student support services.

Assessment results are reported annually in the College’s planning and assessment system Nuventive Improve. This system is designed to facilitate and connect the processes of reporting annual outcomes achievements and activities, establishing and monitoring progress toward goals, and linking planning and assessment with resource allocation for all organizational levels. The process for reporting results by units is outlined in the Unit Planning and Assessment Guide.

The unit assessment process is managed by the Institutional Effectiveness Office, while student learning outcomes assessment is managed within the Provost’s Office and coordinated through area assessment leads. The Academic Assessment Committee monitors the student learning assessment process and reviews assessment reports.

The Institutional Effectiveness Office welcomes recommendations for improvements in the College’s overall assessment process and procedures.