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Saturday, December 02, 2023
Campus Center

Masks are now a personal choice at UA-PTC

March 01, 2022

Wearing or not wearing a mask is the personal choice of students, employees, and visitors at all UA-PTC locations beginning Wednesday, March 2, it was announced by Chancellor Margaret Ellibee Feb. 28.

"Covid will be treated like the flu or any other communicable diseases, " said Dr. Ellibee. "If you are sick, please stay home and take care of yourselves."

If the pandemic worsens and central Arkansas once again becomes a "hot spot," it may be necessary to revisit more rigorous practices.

There are still Covid cases in our community and UA-PTC still encourages the college community to be mindful of the precautionary measures available to us. If you feel sick or have Covid symptoms, please get tested and take proper precautions. The Centers for Disease Control makes numerous recommendations at this link:

Masks and other sanitation supplies will continue to be supplied to those who choose to use them.

UA-PTC Board Policy 801, which mandated the wearing of masks, is rescinded.

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