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Co-Curricular Activity Proposal and Reporting Form

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Please complete the pre-planning form below. Student Co-Curricular Activities are broad in both style and definition. In order for UA-PTC to maintain its designation as a premier institution for higher learning, it is essential this information be captured.

The purpose of the form is to provide:

1) common considerations when planning your activity,
2) appropriate communication of need & support across departments,
3) documentation & reporting of your activity,
4) assessment and evaluation of activities and events,
5) alignment of activities to UA-PTC Co-Curricular Learning Outcomes.

* Required

*UA-PTC Affiliation:

Note: If your activity requires reservation of a UA-PTC facility, please visit to request facilities.

*Which co-curricular learning outcome(s) align with your activity?

If available, send supporting documents for the activity (flyers, programs, pictures, etc.) to [email protected].