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Student Learning Assessment

Sunday, October 01, 2023

Campus Center

Consistent with the College mission of providing access to high quality education that promotes student learning and enables individuals to develop to their fullest potential, the goals of the Student Learning Assessment Team (SLA) include:

  • Assisting faculty in the implementation of assessment plans that are effective and useful for their course
  • Annually reporting on institutional, program, and course level data to demonstrate continuous quality improvement and remain accountable and transparent to stakeholders
  • Promote a culture of evidence-based practices of student learning which align our stated intentions with documentable realities within both curricular and co-curricular experiences across all UA-PTC programs.

The SLA Team includes:

Jessica Wise – Faculty Assessment Chair

Deena Martin – Lead for the School of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Mindy Hodges – Lead for the School of Technical and Professional Studies

Cynthia Fletcher – Lead for the School of Math, Sciences, and Allied Health

Kate Evans – Co-Curricular Chair