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Student Learning Assessment

Thursday, July 18, 2024

UA-PTC Main Campus - North Little Rock


The mission of Student Learning Assessment is to promote a culture of evidence-based practices of student learning which align our stated intentions with documentable realities within both curricular and co-curricular experiences across all UA-PTC programs.

The SLA team is responsible for collecting and reviewing reports at the course, program, institutional and co-curricular levels. This section of the website includes current reports from the assessment cycle, learning outcomes, and mapping.
The SLA team provides professional development to keep the campus informed on best assessment practices, expectations for completion, and milestones for reporting submission. This section includes templates for each level of reporting, the annual assessment guide, rubrics, an assessment glossary, and other helpful links and information, including a link to Nuventive.
The SLA team keeps robust records of previously submitted course-level, program-level, institutional-level, and co-curricular assessment reports. This section of the website gives users access to this archive, starting back in the 2018-2019 academic year.

Contact Your Student Learning Assessment Team

Jessica Wise – Faculty Assessment Chair, Co-Chair of the Academic Assessment Committee

Kate Evans – Co-Curricular Chair, Co-Chair of the Academic Assessment Committee

School Leads

Cynthia Fletcher – Lead for the School of Math, Sciences, and Allied Health

Mindy Hodges – Lead for the School of Technical and Professional Studies

Deena Martin – Lead for the School of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences