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Assessment Team

Friday, May 14, 2021

UA-PTC Students

It is the goal of the UA-PTC Student Learning Assessment Team to promote successful and positive assessment practices throughout the campus. Through the assessment process faculty are committed to analyzing the success of our institution in areas such as student learning, program effectiveness, faculty efficacy, and national standards. UA-PTC believes that the continuous, organized and in-depth exploration of teaching and learning leads our institution to university-wide improvements and also recognizes our successful practices. All members of the assessment team at UA-PTC serve on the Academic Assessment Committee.

Duties of the Assessment Coordinator

1. Conduct PD’s campus-wide related to assessment which include:

  • Promoting the importance of assessment in student learning.
  • Demonstrating effective assessment within a variety of departments.
  • Inform faculty and administration about current assessment theory, practices and activities.
  • Lead training in Nuventive navigation.

2. Advocate for resources related to assessment for departments and schools.

3. Review annual assessment reports and provide feedback to departments, schools and programs.

4. Complete Annual report on General Education learning outcomes in concert with the General Education Curriculum and Alliances Committee.

Duties of the Co-Curricular Chair

1. Assist all academic units with assessment development tools for evaluation.

2. Conduct PD’s campus wide that outline the following:

  • Define co-curricular activities and events.
  • Assessment tools and methods for collecting co-curricular assessments
  • Report completion – process, deadlines and best practices.
  • Connections of reports to the budget process

3. Work to streamline the reservation and booking forms process

Duties of the Team Leads

1. Conduct PD’s in designated school related to assessment which include:

  • Evaluation of goals and student learning outcomes
  • Documentation within Nuventive
  • Assessment cycles
  • Collaboration within the department
  • Analyzing results

2. Serve as Assessment Team Liaison for departments and programs in your school.

3. Assist in assessing the appropriateness and measurability of current objectives and student learning outcomes.

4. Assist in the development, coordination and documentation of assessment plans and schedules.

5. Assist in identifying assessment tools for departments and programs in your school.

6. Provide peer review to other members of the Assessment Team.

7. Attend and participate in scheduled Assessment Team meetings.

Duties of Course Leads

1. Collaborate with and provide pertinent assessment information to fellow faculty teaching the course.

2. Articulate the assessment plan for the course with those teaching the course and department chair/program lead.

3. Collect assessment data from all instructors who taught the course.

4. Assist in “norming” workshops and productive dialogue with faculty to close the loop in the assessment process.

5. Write annual assessment report for the course.

6. Maintain assessment records through Blackboard, Nuventive, Sharepoint, or any other method deemed essential by the dean, chair, or program director.