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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Note: Starting Fall 2017, faculty will record grades and take attendance in Blackboard, instead of Jenzabar E-learning.

Attendance: Qwickly Attendance Training (recorded webinar/video)

How to setup and take attendance using the Qwickly Attendance tool in Blackboard (video)

UA-PTC Blackboard Help, Tutorials, and Information

From this site, you can access tutorials for using the Grade Center, copying courses, taking attendance, and more.

To access UA-PTC Blackboard Help:

  1. Log into the portal.
  2. Click on the Blackboard icon to access Blackboard (see image below).
  3. Click “Blackboard Help” at the top of the page.
  4. Click “Blackboard Instructor Help” or “Blackboard Student Help” as needed.

Blackboard help preview screen










Blackboard Help (from the company)

In addition to the Blackboard Help area (above) for UA-PTC instructors and students, there are links within all Blackboard courses as well. Please note that this is different that the help cited above.

Students: Students can click “Blackboard help” in the navigation bar

Instructors: Faculty can click “Help” at the bottom of the navigation bar, under Course Management