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Frequently Asked Questions

Thursday, July 18, 2024

UA-PTC Student

1. Why do I have to attend New Student Orientation?

NSO allows for our students to know everything they need to know about getting started at UA-PTC. In addition, at orientation, students are able to register for classes, speak with a Financial Aid Counselor, and visit with other student support/resources prior to starting classes.

2. When can I complete New Student Orientation?

You will be able to complete orientation when registration opens for a new semester.

3. When will I get to talk with an advisor and register for classes?

At New Student Orientation you will have the opportunity to meet with an Academic Advisor and register for classes. If you are unable to attend an in-person NSO, you can schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor. For students starting Fall 2024, you must complete the Onboarding tasks before getting registered for classes.

4. Should I complete the FAFSA before orientation?

Yes. Students can complete the FAFSA by going to If you have any questions or have not received anything after submitting the FAFSA, you will be able to talk to a Financial Aid Counselor.

5. How do I know if I am ready to attend orientation?

You are ready to attend orientation once you have been fully accepted into the university. For students starting Fall 2024, you will be ready to attend orientation once you have completed the Onboarding tasks in Workday.

6. How will I know when I am ready to be registered for classes?

Once you are fully accepted, submitted test scores, and/transcripts, you will be ready to meet with an advisor and get registered for classes. For students starting Fall 2024, you must complete the Onboarding tasks before getting registered for classes.

7. How do I set up my Campus Portal (discontinued at the end of the Summer)?

To set up access to your Campus Portal account, please complete the following:

1. Fill out the Password Reset form in the Campus Portal.

2. After completing the Password Reset form, your student identification number, e-mail address, and portal username will appear. Save this information!

3. Login to the portal by using the password you created and your portal username. If you just set up your student e-mail account, please allow 24 hours before accessing.

8. How do I check my student e-mail?

All UA-PTC students receive an official UA - Pulaski Tech e-mail address. You are required to use your UA-PTC e-mail address for all communications with the college and your instructors. It's important to check your UA-PTC e-mail to stay informed about your classes, registration, financial aid, campus events, and much more. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) must be enabled on your device for accessing UA-PTC e-mail. New user? Please allow 24 hours before accessing your student e-mail.

9. How do I set up my Workday account?

  • IT Services will send you an e-mail with a temporary password. Login to Workday, change your password, and complete the Onboarding tasks.
  • Workday will replace the Campus Portal starting Fall 2024.

10. How do I access Blackboard?