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Fraud Prevention and Detection

Friday, July 19, 2024

The University of Arkansas System's Fraud Hotline number is 866-252-9838.

The Arkansas General Assembly enacted Act 1103, an Act to Amend Arkansas Law Concerning the Prevention and Detection of Fraud and Other Improper Activities within State Government. Public employees with supervisory fiduciary responsibility over all fiscal matters of a public employer report any losses of public funds, including without limitation: apparent unauthorized disbursements, theft or misappropriation of public funds or property to Arkansas Legislative Audit and the University of Arkansas Internal Audit Department. Such reporting is required within five (5) business days, and purposeful failure to comply constitutes a misdemeanor.

This policy defines fraud as the intentional, false representation or concealment of a material fact for the purpose of inducing another to act upon it to his or her injury. This policy applies to any fraud or suspected fraud, involving Board of Trustees, employees, consultants, vendors, contractors, outside agencies doing business with employees of such agencies, students and any other parties with a business relationship with the System.

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