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Friday, September 25, 2020
Follet Access Program

UA – Pulaski Tech to pilot Follett Access textbook program

May 13, 2020

Follett Bookstores and UA – Pulaski Tech will begin a pilot program this summer to expedite student access to course materials while benefitting from substantial cost savings.

The Follett access program allows students to rent or purchase digital textbooks at a reduced cost. UA-PTC will offer more than 40 summer semester courses in this pilot program. When a student registers for one of these courses, access to course materials is granted automatically. All students have what they need on the first day of class, stress-free and effortlessly.

Book charges will be posted to your student account along with tuition and fees and can be paid along with other university charges by using financial aid.

Students will see a significant savings on course materials — up to 75 percent.

All students will be ready to engage and learn on the first day of class by having access to all required course materials.

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