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Friday, May 29, 2020

Important information for students with textbook rentals

April 30, 2020

Students with textbook rentals are asked by the UA-PTC Follett Bookstore to ship their rentals back to the store after finals conclude on May 12. Follett Bookstore will provide students a free shipping label via FedEx.

If you rented a textbook this semester, you should have received an e-mail from the Bookstore with instructions on how to return it. If you have rented textbooks but you did not receive an e-mail, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to and click Sign in at the top right hand side.

Step 2: Once you are signed in, click Rentals to view all your rented textbook titles.

Step 3: Click Return All Rentals by Mail and then select the books you wish to check-in.

Step 4: Print your free FedEx return label and print your packing slip to include when sending your textbooks back.

Step 5: When your package is ready to be sent, contact FedEx at this link to schedule a pickup:

Students have until 15 days after the end of finals exams to return their rentals to the Bookstore. The last day to return books is May 27.

For questions, contact Michael Everhart at [email protected].

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