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Friday, June 24, 2022
Mary Kate Snow-Wendy Armstrong-Ekesha Williams

UA-PTC “Good Samaritan” Uses Valuable TRiO Program Training

March 25, 2019

When Wendy Armstrong walked into a local Walmart, she had no idea that a skill she learned at a TRiO Program activity would save stranger’s life…

As Wendy waited in the Walmart checkout line, an 18-year old female in front of her began to sway and slump. She was obviously passing out. The Walmart employee at the register helped Wendy guide the young woman’s limp body gently to the floor. Wendy quickly assessed the situation and immediately began CPR – a procedure she learned only days earlier, in conjunction with a special program offered to TRiO Program participants at UA - Pulaski Tech. After a few minutes of CPR, the young woman regained consciousness, thanks to Wendy’s training.

“I knew what to do, and I was well prepared to offer assistance, thanks to the course,” Wendy said. “Completing the training and learning to perform CPR gave me the confidence to offer help when it is needed.” Wendy is a 54-year old, non-traditional college student who returned to college to complete a degree in Science. This “Good Samaritan” plans to conduct disease-related research after graduation from a four-year college.

Ekesha Williams, the TRiO Program administrative assistant who organized the CPR sessions, is proud to learn that Wendy’s “recently tested” training has proven to be a lifesaving skill.

Mary Kate Snow, TRiO Program Director, said the TRiO Program is open to first generation college students like Wendy, who can benefit from extra mentoring and encouragement on their educational journeys. “We offer a variety of extracurricular activities for TRiO Program participants – we know that experiencing new things and learning new skills are important aspects of a well-rounded education. The TRiO Program, which is funded with a federal grant, helps many students succeed in college.”

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