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Thursday, August 18, 2022
Students visiting in front of the Campus Center

Important message about new UA-PTC data management system

September 28, 2017
Beginning Sept 29, the college will start the transition to a new data management system, Jenzebar EX. The timetable may be as long as two weeks. The new system will be up and running by Oct. 13 at the latest, or Oct. 10 at the earliest.

You are probably asking, “what does this mean for me?”

We will start by listing what it does NOT mean. During this time, you can expect the following services to work normally:

  • Blackboard
  • Student email
  • Library databases
  • Mylabs Plus
  • The college website,
  • Disability services
In short, most of the functionalities that students use regularly will work fine.

Please be advised that the computer system that supports many services across the college is in the process of changing from one platform to another. This process began 16 months ago and is extremely complicated. Every effort has been made to avoid any interruption in services, but some database-dependent services will be interrupted during the transition. Student Accounts and Student Services will have limited functionality during this period. (Example: Financial Aid will still be collecting and processing aid applications, but cannot apply funds to student accounts until the new system is up.) Status changes, like dropping a class, will take several days to “post” in the system. New financial aid cannot be processed for several days, but this is only a delay, will not affect the aid awarded. We ask you to be patient during the transition.

We are very excited to offer new features and services to students, faculty and staff. New features will be “rolled out” in the coming months. This transition marks a major step forward in updating the ways the college conducts day-to-day business.

The goal of the new system and its features is to provide tools to enhance student success. That’s why we are all here, and UA – Pulaski Tech is grateful to serve your educational needs!

If you have questions or concerns, email [email protected].

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