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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Youth Chef Camp attracts out-of-state camper

July 24, 2017
Word is spreading about CAHMI’s awesome Youth Chef Camp. More than 200 youth participated in culinary baking or cake camp this year, and one child came all the way from Iowa.

Heather McCarter drove more than 600 miles from Muscatine, Iowa, so her 11-year-old daughter Teagan could participate. She learned about the camp from a family member living in Little Rock.

“I have searched for culinary camps around our area, and I have never been able to find anything for her age range,” Heather said. “We love to visit Little Rock, so we took advantage of the opportunity for her to do something she loves and for some mother-daughter time. My boss was kind enough to let me work offsite while she was at class.”

Youth Chef Camp was the first culinary camp for Teagan, who has always been interested in baking and cooking and loves to try recipes she sees on TV shows, like The Pioneer Woman. Teagan makes pastas, chicken dishes, breakfast foods, and desserts - cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and homemade frosting.

At camp, she enjoyed learning knife skills and how to properly cut vegetables. She also learned what she least enjoys – de-boning and skinning raw chicken. Although she hasn’t developed her own specialty dish, she loved making the Churros, Mexican rice and whole wheat flatbread at camp.

“She also enjoyed making and trying things that she had never heard of before-like gnocchi with pesto and Italian Sausage,” her mom said. “All of the instructors were wonderful. She had a great time and she wants to come back next year!”
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