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ATI TEAS Frequently Asked Questions

Sunday, January 29, 2023

UA-PTC Student

1. What is the ATI TEAS?

The ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute) TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) is a required test for applying to the registered nursing program and the practical nursing program. The ATI TEAS measures basic essential skills in the academic content domains of Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English and language usage.

2. How do I prepare for the ATI TEAS?

Applicants can prepare for the ATI TEAS with several resources including the Official ATI TEAS study manual (sixth edition) which is available to purchase at a bookstore or online.

ATI TEAS Study Manual - Sixth Edition

You can find study materials and practice tests for the ATI TEAS on the website at

3. What do I need to know about the ATI TEAS?

The ATI TEAS is composed of 170 multiple choice questions in the areas of: Reading, Mathematics, Science, English and Language Usage.

The ATI TEAS is a computerized proctored test. The test is limited to 209 minutes (3 hours and 39 minutes). There are no scheduled bathroom breaks.

4. Where do I take the ATI TEAS and how much does it cost?

Register with and create an account. The ATI TEAS is given to applicants at the UA-PTC Little Rock-South, 13000 Interstate 30, Little Rock, AR

The cost of the TEAS is $93. Other sites may vary in cost.

5. What do I have to make on the ATI TEAS?

For the RN Traditional & RN Accelerated programs a composite score of 65% is preferred and 60% is required.

For the practical nursing program a composite score of 55% is preferred and 50% is required.

6. Can I use a calculator when taking the ATI TEAS?

The calculator is embedded in the exam. Personal calculators are not allowed.

7. Will I need a school code to have my scores sent to Baptist Health College - Little Rock?

No, Baptist Health College - Little Rock will be an option to have your scores sent.

8. Where are the testing locations?

You will register for the ATI TEAS and choose the location of your choice.

9. How many times am I allowed to take the ATI TEAS?

You are allowed to take the ATI TEAS up to 3 times in a calendar year.

10. Do I have to pay a fee each time to take the ATI TEAS?

Yes, the cost is $93 for each testing. Test is paid for at

11. How will Baptist Health College - Little Rock receive my ATI TEAS scores?

Your ATI TEAS scores will be emailed at no charge to Baptist Health College - Little Rock from UA-PTC within 3 (three) business days of taking the exam.

12. How do I register for the ATI TEAS exam?

You can register for the ATI TEAS at the following website

13. If I took the ATI TEAS at another school do I still need take it for Baptist Health College - Little Rock nursing programs?

No, as long as you have taken it within the last 2 years and have achieved the required Baptist Health College - Little Rock scores. Contact ATI at to order your ATI TEAS exam results to be sent to Baptist Health College - Little Rock.

14. I took the ATI TEAS a few years ago, do I need to take it again?

Scores are good for two years, then they expire.

15. Do I need to contact Baptist Health College - Little Rock after I register for the ATI TEAS?

No, you do not need to contact Baptist Health College - Little Rock after you register for the ATI TEAS.

16. What happens if there is inclement weather?

Please check the UA-PTC website for weather statuses and closings.

17. What if I need accommodations?

Contact ATI at for further information how to qualify and arrange to have accommodations.

18. What happens if I am late for the exam?

If you are more than 15 minutes late you will be required to reschedule the ATI TEAS exam with TEAS customer service.

19. You need to bring need on exam day the following:

  • Photo ID: To be admitted to your testing session, you will need to present proper photo identification, such as a driver’s license, passport, or green card.
  • You will not be admitted to the test if your ID does not meet the following requirements: government-issued, current photograph, examinee signature, and permanent address. A credit card photo or student ID does not meet these criteria.
  • Writing Instrument: Two sharpened No. 2 pencils with attached erasers. No other writing instruments are allowed.
  • ATI log-in information: If you are taking the online ATI TEAS test, you will need to create a student account at prior to test day and have your log-in information with you.

20. Is anything not allowed on exam day?

Plan ahead and leave the following items at home or in your car as they are not permitted in the exam room:

  • Additional Apparel, including but not limited to jackets, coats, hats and sunglasses. Discretionary allowances are made for religious apparel. All apparel is subject to inspection by the proctor.
  • Personal Items of any sort, including but not limited to purses, computer bags, backpacks, and duffel bags.
  • Electronics of any kind, including but not limited to cell phones, smart phones, beepers/pagers, calculators (will be provided), and digital or smart watches.
  • Food or Drink, unless it is documented as a medically necessary item.