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Saturday, April 13, 2024
UA-PTC graduate prevails, excels, authors anthology chapter

UA-PTC graduate prevails, excels, authors anthology chapter

May 09, 2022

2022 UA-PTC graduate Raquelle Roulette stepped into CHARTS Theater in February 2020 not realizing that she was about to have a life-changing experience.

Featured that night was a lecture by Dr. Tererai Trent, a great educator and humanitarian whose compelling story led Oprah Winfrey to proclaim her "my favorite guest." Recognized as one of the top ten most inspirational women in the world, Dr. Trent was honored with a bronze statue in New York.

Raquelle was relatively new in her college journey that night. Pregnant with her third child while carrying a 16 credit hour course load, Raquelle was deeply affected and inspired by Trent's story of triumph over adversity.

Two years later, Raquelle will receive multiple college degrees as she graduates May 14. In June she will be a published author with the release of Sacred Promise, an anthology described as "a collection of stories by 36 phenomenal women. Collectively, the stories are described as “an architectural template that inspires us to honor who we are and reclaim our voices. These chapters are deep, each with a clear sacred promise that embeds teachable moments."

Raquelle met Dr. Trent that night but more than a year had passed when she submitted her story for the opportunity to be selected as a co-author for Trent's latest work. Once her submission was chosen among the global pool of women, Roulette connected further with Dr. Trent and the other women through the writing and publication process.

“This book is the direct testimony of strong women leaders across the world sharing real life lessons and vulnerability, told through true stories, to empower one another,” said Raquelle. “Sacred Promise is a reminder of where we come from and where we're going, detailing the variety of life and circumstance, but reaffirming that through our humanity, we are all connected and intrinsically the same.”

Sacred Promise will be published in June 2022 by Australia’s Women Changing the World Press. It will be available at

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