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Monday, September 25, 2023
Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill

UA-PTC Participates in Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill

October 09, 2018
The safety of our students, staff, and faculty is a key priority of University of Arkansas Pulaski Technical College, and earthquakes are one of our region’s significant safety threats. As most of you know, we live in an area designated as a high earthquake risk, the New Madrid Fault. Whether we live in earthquake country or may one day visit an area where earthquakes are possible, we need to know how to protect ourselves during earthquakes. Many of our out-of-state and international students may have never experienced an earthquake and have had little to no earthquake preparedness education. Some of us may know what to do, but have not practiced how to protect ourselves since we were children.

Help us keep our students and community prepared and safe by encouraging participation in this year’s Great Central ShakeOut. Earthquake drill will be on Oct. 18 at 10:18 a.m. Each year more than 25 million people participate in Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills worldwide, in K-12 schools, colleges, businesses, government agencies, other organizations, and households. Participants practice "Drop, Cover, and Hold On” (and other aspects of their emergency plans).

We request all of you to participate in this year’s Shakeout drill wherever you may be at drill time. UA-PTC Drill will be held at 10:18 a.m. on October 18, 2018. This is when most people will participate, but you are welcome to shift the time to the start or end of your class. As many students may not be in class at this time, you are welcome to hold similar drills in other classes this day as well.

We especially encourage you and your employees or students to hold a brief drill starting at 10:18 AM with a few minute discussion afterwards.

For more information about the worldwide Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill, visit For suggested Earthquake tips, visit
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