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Saturday, December 02, 2023
E-mail Update

UA-PTC Student E-mail Update

April 17, 2018
On Thursday evening, April 19, the IT Services Team will run a script on our Microsoft Active Directory security database that will change all student e-mail account names from “[email protected]” to “[email protected]”.  We will start the process at 5 p.m. and all accounts should be updated and synchronized with Office 365 by midnight.  Your primary e-mail address will now reflect “userna[email protected]” when you send an e-mail to someone.

Here is how will this change effect you:

Microsoft Office 365 Portal

After Thursday evening, when you use an Internet browser to access your e-mail account at, you will now log in with [email protected] and your current password.  After your account has been authenticated, you will have the same access to e-mail and the Microsoft Office 365 suite of products.

Mobile Devices Running iOS and Android Apps

Many of you have configured smartphones and tablets to have access to your Microsoft Office 365 services such as e-mail.  You must change the authentication credentials for your mobile apps to continue accessing Office 365 services!  You will need to go into General Settings and/or the Settings for each app and delete/remove the account that you have set up for “[email protected]”.  This will remove all of the account information for your old e-mail address and clear out related settings.  You will now set up a new account on your device using “[email protected]” and your current password.

You will continue to be able to receive e-mails at your “user[email protected]” for a short period of time.

We have already converted all of our faculty and staff accounts over the past couple of weeks.  All of these employees have verified that the change was simple to accommodate and had minimal impact.  All of your e-mail will continue to arrive into your Office 365 account Inbox during this update process.  You will not lose any e-mail correspondence and the folder structure that you have established in Office 365 will not change.

Importantly, your password will not change with this process and there is not a need for you to change your password!  If you currently log into your on-campus computer or the UA-PTC Campus Portal with your username (not e-mail address) and password, you will see no difference to this process on Friday morning.  If you log into UA-PTC resources with your e-mail address, you will now use the “[email protected]” and your existing password.

If you have any questions regarding the information above, please do not hesitate to contact us.  If you have any problems accessing your account after Thursday evening, please reach out to anyone in IT Services and we will work to resolve your issues.
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