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Employment, Internships, and Mentorships

Tuesday, March 05, 2024

UA-PTC Students

UA – Pulaski Tech Students and Alumni have multiple employment and development opportunities available to them. Federal Work Study students and employer-based interns are increasingly common in today’s economy and the graduates who participate in these opportunities greatly benefit from various employment experiences.

Students also benefit from the personalized feedback, industry insights, and career support of Mentors. Mentees develop better time management, self-reflection, goal-setting and achievement, and overall increased confidence.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE):

  • About 70% of employers offer full-time positions to their interns, and up to 80% of students accept the offers.
  • Students who have completed an internship are 15% less likely to be unemployed in their first few years out of college.
  • One in 10 internships occurs in the year following graduation.
  • Career changers and career returnees can also benefit from internship opportunities.

The Office of Career Services offers both paid and unpaid internships. There are occasions where internships are arranged within a program. If you would like to explore additional options for course credit, please reach out to your faculty advisor or program faculty and staff advisor. It is encouraged that you seek out an Internship ONLY if you have already begun or completed courses in your field of study and are in your second year of study. Internships are NOT recommended for First Year Students unless the academic program track is less than two-years in length.


We are here to help! Please complete our Internship Placement request form.


If so, we want to hear from you! Please complete our Share Your Experience form. This helps us to know what worked well and where we can improve.


Are you looking for an entry-level position in your program of study? Or are you in need of immediate work? Please complete our Employment Placement request form and someone will reach out to assist you. Also, check out the latest postings on our Job Board. It is updated weekly on Friday afternoons.


Do you have someone who supports your educational and career endeavors and efforts? If not, let us help you find a Mentor! Please complete our Find Me a Mentor request form and we will connect you with someone who will help you achieve all you dream of. The Office of Career Services commits to following up with both the mentor and the mentee for the duration of one-year. During this time, we will utilize the feedback we receive to ensure all mentorships are valuable for all involved.


Have you graduated but are open to better opportunities? If so, join the Graduate Talent Pool! Employers reach out throughout the year looking for students and alumni in specific programs and request a list of potential hires. The Graduate Talent Pool is a list of recent or soon-to-be graduates who want in on these opportunities. Joining the Graduate Talent Pool increases your chances of landing your dream job!


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