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Frequently Asked Questions

Thursday, May 30, 2024

1. Why should I visit the Office of Career Services?

The Office of Career Services can assist UA-PTC students or alumni who are looking for career exploration guidance and experiential learning opportunities such as internships and mentorships. Current students and alumni can schedule an appointment to meet with a career advisor or if you are not a current student or alumni of UA-PTC, you may schedule an appointment with Career Services by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or calling (501) 812-2826.

2. I am thinking about enrolling in UA-PTC. Am I able to speak with someone regarding my career goals before becoming a student?

We are able to assist you. We recommend that you complete the Career Assessments and begin by exploring your interests. In addition, contact the Office of Career Services to schedule an appointment to explore programs of interest and, if applicable, discuss your assessment results or help you get started.

3. Is there a limit to how often I can meet with Career Services?

There is not a limit to the number of times you can meet with us, but please keep in mind that we currently are limited in staff and must be accessible to serve all UA-PTC students and alumni.

4. Is it possible to have a part-time job as a first-year student?

Definitely! Every student is going to handle the transition to college differently; however, research supports student academic success when working a modest number of hours (8-12 hours/week), especially if that job is on-campus. If you are looking for on-campus employment, please check out the Federal Work Study positions available at UA-PTC.

Keep in mind that you will need to practice good time management habits, with your academics as a top priority. Any job can help you develop marketable skills.

We encourage that you:

  • Look for jobs that might align with future career goals whenever possible.
  • Visit our office for help with your part-time job search.

5. What should I do to prepare for my appointment?

The important thing is to come with an open mind, ready to take the next steps towards your future. If you don’t know where to start we can help you - wherever you are. Here are some things you might consider doing ahead of time to help prepare yourself for our appointment:

  • What are your interests (academic/career or otherwise)?
  • What causes do you care about?
  • What kinds of experiences have you already had and how did you feel about them?
  • What do you do well and like to spend your time doing?

Things to do:

  • Narrow down your list of majors using Career Assessment tools like O*Net, Career Fitter, and My Next Move.
  • Explore the Career Exploration resources to learn about your values, interests, personality, and skills and what job fields are most successful and available and align with your career assessment results and have these assessments and results available during the appointment.

6. What is the difference between a walk-in appointment and a scheduled appointment?

Walk-in: Our walk-in appointments last approximately 15 minutes whereas scheduled appointments can be anywhere from 30-60 minutes. Walk-in appointments serve as an initial connection and survey, allowing us to assess your most urgent needs and provide a suggested course of action.

Scheduled appointment: Scheduling an appointment will allow for an in-depth review of questions, ways to go about exploring/building experience, and preparing for the future.

7. Do you have resume/cover letter templates I can access?

We have many resume templates available! For students in the school of education, we offer templates for both field experience and demonstration teaching. To request a template, contact [email protected].

8. Does Career Services host events where I can meet potential employers?

Yes! The Office of Career Services schedules employer recruiting events throughout the semester, including information sessions, hiring fairs, industry spotlights, and alumni panels.

9. I received a work-study financial aid award. Where can I find work-study job postings?

All students can apply for paid jobs posted on the Federal Work-Study Program webpage.

10. How do I request a reasonable accommodation during the interview process?

In the event that a reasonable accommodation is needed during your application/interview process, please notify the employer orally or in writing. It may take the employer some time to arrange accommodation requests so you should provide as much notice as possible. The employer may need to discuss your request more fully in order to understand why you need an accommodation. You should respond to the employer's questions as quickly as possible and be sure to explain how a proposed accommodation would enable you to participate fully in all aspects of the application/interview process. The employer may ask you for reasonable documentation explaining why an accommodation is needed. If you have any additional questions regarding reasonable accommodation requests, please contact our Office of Counseling and Disability Services.

11. What services and resources are available to alumni?

Alumni have access to the Office of Career Services resources, including assistance with interview preparation, resume/cover letter review, developing a job search strategy, and other career-related questions.

12. I am justice-aligned (criminal record). Can you help me find a job?

Our mission is to help with every student’s need for career success! Our office is ready to assist you with unbiased fairness and professionalism. Schedule an appointment to find out what career opportunities are available to you.

13. What are some position titles that I am qualified for?

We have developed some resources and ideas to help students and alumni explore the career paths commonly associated with their respective degrees and certificates. Please schedule an appointment to explore your options.

14. I have no work experience, how can Career Services help me?

This is a great question, and one that we hear often! That first position in a new industry is often the hardest to secure. We have curated ideas on ways to gain experience to help you meet those minimum qualifications in no time. Schedule an appointment to discuss getting started.