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Common Course Numbering Example

Monday, June 17, 2024

What will the Common Course Numbering (CCN) schema look like?

  • 10 digits
    • 4 digit alpha prefix identifying course discipline
    • 1 space (will not use hypens, dashes, underlines or other delineators)
    • 5 digit numeric suffix identifying the course
      • 1st character - course level
      • 2nd and 3rd characters - course identifier
      • 4th character - multipurpose
        • 1 or 2 will be used for courses with credit hours greater than 9, 3-9 will be used if if additional characters are needed for the course identifier due to size of catalog, 0 will be the default placeholder if not used for credit hours or course identifier
      • 5th character - credit hours

Common Course Numbering Example

Example: ENGL 10103

Alpha Code: Identifying Course Discipline (English)

1st Digit: Course Level (Freshman Level)

2nd and 3rd Digit: Course Identifier (English Comp. I)

4th Digit: Honors Variable Over 9 hours

5th Digit: Credit Hours (3 Credit Hours)