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2020-21 Celebrating Student Milestones Awards

Sunday, October 17, 2021
From the UA - Pulaski Tech Chancellor
Dr. Margaret A. Ellibee

Dear Students:

As a 2020-2021 Student Milestone winner, you join a cadre of UA-PTC students who excel with artistic grace and skill. Whether it be an art medium, speech, written prose or another special skill – you have displayed a gift that you should be proud of every day. Although we all continued our work through the pandemic this last academic year, I am confident of a couple facts that concern you as students and good people. First, your adaptation and resilience to this virus situation did not diminish your educational goals, nor your creative imagination. You prevailed! And, that spirit will continue to support with your life pursuits and continued success.

Author and poet, Dr. Maya Angelou noted that “there is no greater sadness than leaving an untold story inside you.” Your untold “story” is your Milestone piece. That piece, now shared with us, is a true reflection of your artistic ability. That ability is transformative knowledge and skill – all a positive preview to your “life’s coming attractions!” (A. Einstein)

Congratulations! The entire faculty and staff of UA-PTC are very proud of you.

Dr. Ellibee

Margaret A. Ellibee, Ph.D.
University of Arkansas – Pulaski Technical College