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Third Overload Policy

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Full-time faculty who wish to teach a third overload, when available, are required to complete approved training. Starting Spring 2018, the only approved training is the Getting Results online course which has been revised to be a self-paced training, to accommodate individual learners. The previous version was a six-week course designed for student-to-student (faculty-to-faculty) interaction and required a cohort of faculty to participate.

Getting Results: A Professional Development Course for Community College Educators

The material for this course was developed by higher education experts for the League for Innovation in Community Colleges.  It has been adapted to meet our needs. There are six modules, each of which take about two to four hours to complete. Modules include text, video, and supplemental materials. The cohort version runs for six weeks, with one module being covered each week. The self-paced version may be completed in a shorter or longer timeframe. Each module includes an assignments and discussion questions.

Registration: To register for the course, send your name and employee ID to [email protected].

Upon Completion

Faculty who have successfully completed the course will receive a confirmation, and the Human Resources department will be notified of their eligibility to teach a third overload.