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Staff Development

Friday, May 29, 2020

At UA-PTC, we believe it is important that staff get the support they need to do their jobs effectively. In addition to ongoing staff development, we offer more intense and focused training, such as those listed below.

Administrative Professionals Conference

Administrative staff are key to the College’s success. They are often on the front lines, working directly with students and other stakeholders. Each year, PDI offers a one-day symposium on a current topic of importance for administrative assistants and other professionals.

Online Staff Development

Staff have on-demand access to more than 45 professional development modules in the Professional Development online course. Topics range from soft skills to personal enrichment. (See the Staff Development page for more information.)

Online Leadership Development

PDI offers training to help current leaders hone their skills and future leaders to develop theirs. In addition to supervisor-related topics, such as coaching and delegating, we offer training on soft skills, such as emotional intelligence and communication. (See the Leadership Development page for more information.)

PD Week and PD Days

PDI offers professional development throughout the year, but t the start of the spring and fall semesters, PDI offers a full week of professional development. At key times during the semesters, when student service offices are the slowest, PDI offers a few days of training, specifically identified by staff and administration. These full-days of training give staff a chance better opportunities to attend training, as the sessions are often duplicated to allow staff to attend in shifts. (See more information on upcoming PD Weeks or submit a proposal to present.)

Staff Development Resources

This site includes links to tutorials and information on topics related to general staff needs, such as customer service, computer software, or soft skills. (See the Staff Development Resources site for more information.)

Team Building

PDI offers customized workshops for general team building or to address specific “team” issues. PDI staff work with team leaders to develop workshops that fits their needs, not only in terms of topics and activities, but in regards for logistical restrictions. Contact us today to discuss your team-building needs.